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Generic nukesyndie 96px.png
Difficulty: Very Hard
Compromise the Torch as you look after the financial interests of your powerful employers.
Difficulty: Hard
Use the ship as a Petri dish to spread your influence and grow the Chorus. Fill maintenance with organs to feed your endless hunger. Put mouths in front of the elevator to bite the feet off lazy people.
Generic cultist 96px.gif
Difficulty: Hard
Sing praises to Nar'sie, the Geometer of Blood. Decorate your trophy rack with eyeballs. Sow panic and glorify in the cold darkness of the void as you crush the spaceship in the bowels of the Machine.
Wizard Big.png
Difficulty: Hard
Befuddle the minds of mortal men. Wield terrific arcane power and blow apart the cumulative efforts of the pathetic sciences. Charm gullible young personnel as you pick their pockets. Animate donuts and force them to fight Security for your amusement.
Ninja 96px.png
Difficulty: Very Hard
Uphold the ways of Bushido. Walk boldly through forbidden halls, and sever the hands of any man who would dare challenge you. Drink the spaceship's power as surely as steel swallows lightning. Vanish into the shadows and emerge with your blade at their throats.
ChangelingTorch 96px.gif
Difficulty: Very Hard
Be friendly, polite, and have a plan to consume everyone you meet. Revel in paranoia, panic, and terror as you turn good men and women against their loved ones. Walk right into the Armory wearing the Brig Chief's face.
Difficulty: Medium
A generic antagonist that can do whatever they feel like.
Difficulty: Easy
Not actually an antagonist. You feel paranoid, and you brought a gun to work today.
Malfunctioning AI
AI Big.gif
Difficulty: Hard
You're an AI. You're malfunctioning. Perhaps you want to steal a shuttle and fly off to build a robot paradise. Perhaps you want to destroy all humans. Perhaps you want to know what love is.