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List of Colonies
Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene.png
The Empire of Mohranda
Faction The Empire of Mohranda (independent)
System Luggust
Population 10,506,092,723

48% on Mohranda and 34% on Lohrene.

18% on various moons, asteroids and space stations.
Coordinates (LY) -22.18X, 8.15Y

The Luggust system was first colonized in 2198. It was at the time the only system that contained two naturally habitable planets, Mohranda, and Lohrene, which are currently both controlled by the Empire of Mohranda.


The EC first discovered artifacts of a now-extinct species in the Luggust system in early 2195. After three years of preparation, a vast colonization program of the system is launched. In 2198, the colony is first established on Mohranda, the largest habitable planet of the system. Soon, the discovery of additional artifacts on Mohranda's sister planet led the colony's expansion to Lohrene.

During the year 2207, the colony of Mohranda was incrementally taken over by a loose collection of clans led by Mark Mangh, also known as “The first Mohrandalor”. In the early days of 2208, the Empire of Mohranda declared it's independence from the Terran Commonwealth. Soon after the split, scientists and xeno-archaeologists working on Mohranda either fled to Lohrene, or simply left the system. Over the course of years, the Empire strengthened it's grip over Mohranda, and instituted a warrior-based culture comparable to the ancient Earth Bushido. The various clans were often seen fighting for territory, or for their honor. The Mohrandalor established “The Creed of Mohranda”, which dictates the Mohrandade way of life.

In 2230, and with the creation of the SCG, The First Republic of Lohrene was established on Mohranda's sister planet. It was led by a congress and a government, both directly elected by the people. However, in 2231, after the death of Mark Mangh his right hand man, Luc Valar, claims the title of Mohrandalor. In order to stop the infighting within his Empire, the new emperor unified his clans, and violently instigated a war with, and eventually conquered the peaceful Republic of Lohrene.

During the years to come the Empire would progressively branch out across the entire Luggust system, and develop a mining and recycling based economy heavily dependent on ancient technology left behind by the now-extinct species that once occupied Mohranda and Lohrene.

Despite attempts from both the SCG and the GCC to rally the Empire of Mohranda to their side during the Gaia Conflict, and later during the Cold War, the various Mohrandalor remained neutral in all circumstances, claiming that the people of Mohranda will not serve anyone but themselves.

To this date Mohranda is a fledgling 2nd rank power within human space. Some of it's clans remain idle, protecting their farms and industries, while others deal in bounty hunting and providing mercenaries throughout the frontier.

  • 2198 : The colony is founded on Mohranda.
  • 2201 : Lohrene's colonization begins.
  • 2207 : Several clans form, and Mark Mangh declares himself "First emperor or Mohranda", also known as "The Mohrandalor".
  • 2208 : The Empire of Mohranda declares it's independence, and slowly becomes a clan based warrior society.
  • 2230 : Creation of the "First Republic of Lohrene", which soon allies with the SCG in the hopes of joining it.
  • 2231 : Death of the first Mohrandalor, Mark Mangh. Luc Valar claims the title of Mohrandalor and becomes the leader of Mohranda.
  • March 2231 : Fearing that the Republic of Lohrene would enter the SCG, and give the SCG a foothold in the system, the Mohrandalor leads a campagin to invade Lohrene. Within 3 weeks, the planet is seized and Lorhene surrenders. The Empire of Mohranda is victorious, and the First Republic of Lohrene ceases to exist.
  • 2231-2233 : The Empire of Mohranda permanently establishes itself over Lohrene.
  • 2233-2245 : The Empire of Mohranda spreads through the entirety of the Luggust system.
  • 2253 : The Mohrandalor establishes the current education system, based on mentorship.
  • 2269 : The Mohrandalor is approached by representatives from the ICCG and the SCG. Despite a long period of negotiations, the Empire of Mohranda remains neutral.
  • 2295 : Mining operations start in the Luggust system, in response to resources on both Lohrene and Mohranda becoming scarce.
  • 2304 : The Empire of Mohranda builds several long-range patrol craft in order to scout it's borders as well as the nearby frontier systems, with the desire to expand to other systems.


Because of the damage caused by both the now-extinct species, and the frequent wars that once occurred within the Empire of Mohranda, the planet has been reduced to a vast, gray savanna. The ground of the planet is mainly a gradient of beige and gray, coated by a short and tough, pale grass, as well as some low to medium sized vegetation. While huge seas and oceans are very rare on the planet, the vast, savanna-like lands are crossed by many rivers and lakes. These allow, despite a rather dry and rigorous climate, a sustainable natural irrigation of the planet's flora. Urban hubs are generally constitute of massive, dome-shaped arcologies, holding thousands of individuals, around which most factories and mines can be found.


Smaller than it's sister planet, Lohrene is also further from it's star, Luggust. Lohrene is a more natural world crossed by many mountains on its northern hemisphere, while its southern hemisphere is mostly constituted of vast seas, half of which are frozen, mainly closer to the southern pole. Most habitats are domes, similar to Mohranda’s, which are generally found close to the equator, to protect their inhabitants of the lower temperature found across most of the planet because of its distance to the Luggust star.

Culture and society

The culture of Mohranda is based heavily on their past wars and infighting. Once a child reaches the age of 17, he or she chooses their orientation between many possibilities offered by their elders, such as engineering, medicine, combat, piloting, and many others. They are then given a traditional knife, and nothing else, by their parents. They are then trained for 5 years by a mentor, which instructs the youngling on how to do their job, their nation’s history and culture, as well as the basics of weapon and close combat tactics. This instruction is rough, and sometimes, cruel, as about 5% of the apprentices die or give up during their five years of training. After their training is complete, and only if they are deemed competent, the novice acquires the title of Mohrandade, which makes him an actual member of his or her clan in the eyes of their peers and elders. The new Mohrandade then swears the creed. Those joining the fighting corps are given space worthy armor, as well as a jetpack, while the others are given attire in accordance with their occupation. The most identifiable symbols of the culture of the Empire are the knives they are given by their parents

The Mohrandades are led by an emperor designated amongst the best warriors of the Fighting corp. Claiming the title of Emperor, or Mohrandalor, is both a gargantuan responsibility and an immense risk, as anyone may attempt to kill you in order to claim the title for themselves. Following the invasion of Lohrene, most, if not all Mohrandalors, directed the efforts of their people towards expansion to prevent any further infighting, and therefore preserve their culture. Despite their pride and thirst for expansion, the Empire of Mohranda has never attempted to directly attack any major superpower such as the SCG or the GCC, which is perceived by some as a mark of weakness, and by others, as wisdom. Honor, Dignity, and respect are the key tenants of the Empire of Mohranda, and each Mohrandalor has thoroughly stressed on these during their reign via various means.

Traditions and customs

The Mohranda culture holds several traditions relating, mainly, to their past. According to the “Code” (The code dictating most traditions and rules followed by the Mohrandades), most personal conflicts are resolved by a duel, if either of the parties ask for it.

Because of their deeper sense of respect and dignity, bowing, or taking a knee in front of someone is perceived as a mark of submission, and is generally frowned upon. Bowing (or taking knees) in front of a Mohrandade will have you immediately flagged as a weak-minded individual, no matter of your initial intent.

The Code and the Creed

The Empire of Mohranda has a set of laws composing the Code. This code lists all prohibited actions that shouldn’t be taken by a Mohrandade, as well as the potential punishments when applicable. For example, a Mohranda shouldn’t lie, steal, or generally act against his own kind, or against the Mohrandalor's directives (This isn’t an exhaustive list). The Creed is the general text sworn by any Mohrandade, which dictates loyalty to the Code, the Mohrandalor, and more generally to the culture and way of life of Mohranda.

The Banner

The black fill represents the unity shared amongst all, punctured by the yellow trim of pride, following the red daggers representing the blood spilt for the nation. The pride and blood are all heading towards, hoping towards that little star in the middle that is only made up with those four daggers coming together.

Economy and technology

The Empire's economy is based mostly on mining and recycling what has been left behind by the now-extinct species on their homeworld, and the surrounding planets. Their technology is generally ahead of what may be found throughout the human frontier. Because their resources are starting to falter, the Empire is currently encouraging the installation of mines on smaller moons and asteroids throughout the entire system.

Relations with other factions and species

The Empire of Mohranda is, overall, neutral in regards to the galaxy’s politics. It values its independence proudly, and has recently shown its desire to expand its territory towards frontier system unclaimed by any major powers.

  • Vox: Rare, hostile encounters. The Mohrandades consider the Vox as honorless thieves, and therefore despise them. The vox are however considered as good targets for the warriors of the Fighting Corp.
  • SCG: Neutral and leery. The Empire of Mohranda fears an invasion from the SCG.
  • ICCG: Similarily to the SCG, the Empire of Mohranda is mistrustful in regards to the ICCG, fearing its interference within the Luggust system.
  • Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPCs): Neutral. the Empire of Mohranda considers the IPCs as equal to humans, or any other species.
  • Skrell: Rarely encountered, overall neutral.
  • Unathi: Respect. the Empire of Mohranda sees the unathi culture as respectable, and somewhat comparable to theirs.
  • Dionaea: Neutral. the empire of Mohranda sees the dionaea as hardly relevant.
  • Giant Armoured Serpentids (GAS): Similarily to the Dionaea, the GAS are seen as irrelevant by most Mohrandades.
  • The Ascent: The Empire of Mohranda has never encountered any Ascent.


The military, called the Fighting Corp, is in fact an assembly of all the clans warriors. Because of its eclectic nature, the Mohranda Fighting Corp prefers light and medium sized ships, with commando-like, jetpack based tactics over massive employment of capital ships and large armadas, as these are significantly more expensive to assemble, maintain, and replace. Currently, about 20% of the Mohrandades are active members of the Fighting Corp. However, the Mohrandalor can call any Mohrandades to arms, no matter their current situation, age, or gender. The Mohrandade’s weapons of choice are generally carbines, pistols, and long-range rifles shooting plasma bolts from a plasma cartridge holding 20 to 50 shots. While the damages dealt are comparable to the human’s laser weaponry, the plasma bolts possess mass, and therefore possess greater stopping power than laser based weapons. However, they lack the ability to go through windows.

The Fighting Corps similarly to the the Mohranda society doesn’t hold any actual structure besides the Mohrandalor. The size of their units goes from small teams of 3 to 4 individuals to larger groups containing up to 200 to 300 warriors depending on the unit’s clan, and their targets and missions can be decided by their clan’s head as well as by the Mohrandalor.

Law Enforcement and Crimes

In the Mohrandade culture, a major violation of the Code is perceived as a major violation of the Creed. Therefore, criminals are banished from the Empire of Mohranda, and demoted from their Mohrandade title. The Code and the Creed are enforced by the Operators, which are chosen among the most loyal warriors for their ability to hunt, and potentially, kill one their own kind. The Operators generally work in teams of 3 to 4, and are sometimes used by the Mohrandalor for intelligence outside of the Empire’s space. The Operator’s methods are comparable to our modern covert operations teams.

The Mohrandades did not deem it necessary to build a penitentiary system. Therefore, punishments can range from fines, to seizure of personal property, to banishment, or execution. These sentences are generally decided and carried out by the team of operators who found and captured the culprit, along with the culprit’s clan leaders.


Roleplay tips

  • You are a peaceful person fleeing the Empire of Mohranda, which you perceive as tyrannic. You will probably do anything you can to keep your freedom and never, ever, go back to the system Luggust. You probably seek for a more democratic system for you to call "Home", as well as for a more peaceful way of life.
  • You are working out of the Luggust system, but are supportive of the Empire of Mohranda. No matter if you have been part of the Fighting Corp or not, you’re not here for trouble, and remain neutral as long as possible in any conflict. You show respect to anyone as long as they deserve it, and act with dignity and honor. You probably don’t really care about foreign politics, and get your job done without much side considerations.

The Creed of Mohranda

I adhere to the Creed

The core of the Mohrandade culture,

Which gives us a purpose and direction.

I am a Mohrandade, I am proud,

I will serve my culture, and my people, with Honor

I will educate my children within the Mohrandade culture,

I understand that the Creed will ensure the survival of my culture, and my clan,

I will follow the directives of the Mohrandalor, our leader,

And I will consider each Mohrandade as my own brother.

Luc Valar’s unification speech

We span the galaxy without lords or leaders,

So you can't destroy our land or command.

We can live without technology,

So we can fight with our bare hands.

We are more than a species or a bloodline,

We are more than just a people or an army,

We are a culture,

We are an idea,

And you can't kill ideas, but we certainly can kill those who get in our way.

In order to save this idea, and this culture

We shall learn from our past, to guide our future,

Our Creed is worth fighting for,

And we shall not be afraid of dying for such a cause…

However, Mohrandades, I am begging all of you :

We shall direct our thirst for conquest to expand our culture past the stars,

Rather than spill our own blood in our own fields.

Mohrandades, rather than burn our own kind to ashes, ally yourselves, and expand our empire beyond known space.