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List of Colonies
Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene.png
The Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene
Faction Independant
System Lohrene
Population 7,506,091

92.8% Lohrenian

7.2% non-Lohrenian Population
Coordinates (LY) -22.18X, 8.15Y

Lohrene is a remote colony of the frontier, initially founded in 2194 by western-europeans colonists. It is currently an industrial world ruled by a stratocratic republic. The Lohrenian people is currently established on Lohrene III and its large moon La Rouge (which is called this way because of its red colour), while mining operations are being conducted on Lohrene II and IV. The other planets of the system are generally hostile, and don't hold any industrial interest. The official language of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene (the SRL) is the Zurich Accord Common, while most Lohrenian's ZAC is influenced by french and german. The Government is led by the Maréchal Shae Ney, and is established in the capital, Fraternity, which is located in the prefecture of Nouvelle Savoie.

Geography and climate

Lohrene III is a vast, flat, and cold land. The ground of the planet is mainly a gradient of beige and gray, coated by a low, pale-coloured grass, and some low to medium sized vegetation. While huge seas and oceans are very rare on the planet, the vast, savanna-like lands are crossed by many rivers and lakes. These allow, despite a rather dry and rigorous climate, a good natural irrigation of the flora. The gravity is comparable to the earth, and the atmosphere is made out of a perfectly breathable oxygen/nitrogen mix. Urban hubs are generally constituted of huge, dome-shaped, collective dwellings holding between 20'000 and 70'000 peoples, around which most factories and mines can be found. While these hubs are plotting the surface, many places are still wild and untouched, as the mining industry later developped on the other planets of the system rather than on Lohrene III itself.

La Rouge is a red, large moon orbiting Lohrene III. While its composition isn't particularily interesting, it makes an interesting settling for companies operating on the other planets of the system. Therefore, many spaceports were built on the satellite, which is now, mainly, Lohrene III's dedicated space hub.

Lohrene II and IV are smaller planets under which surfaces have been found many interesting metal deposits, such as titanium and platinum. The other exoplanets of the system are mainly hostile, unoccupied and unexploited wastelands.


Lohrene was first founded in the late 22nd century, when a colony ship bearing immigrants from all over Europe (But mainly from France, Germany, Italy, and Denmark) arrived on Lohrene III, following the discovery of many interesting deposits in the system by probes and explorers. The fledgling First Republic of Lohrene rapidly became a popular and attractive destination for settlers, and its population inflated fairly quickly. Lohrene soon became a hub of exports on the frontier. The government then developped the economy with massive, sponsored industrialisation campaigns, and factories cropped up around the mines. As the years went by, more mines were settled on Lohrene II and IV, while Lohrene III now mainly hosts habitations and industries.

However, in the early 2240's, the government's economical politics, mostly based on open markets led the colony's factories to nearly choke because of the concurrence from the core worlds. A silent grudge slowly grew in all the parts of the Lohrenian society, as employement was no longer rising, despite the continuous income of immigrants. In 2248, the grudge became even bigger after the reveal of some corruption within the Lohrenian government, which sold many ressources to coreworlds corporations rather than dispatching them in the local factories, after they recieved some bribes from major corporations. Protests were organised through the entire colony, as the grudge kept growing amongst the Lohrenian people, both against the corruption, and the passiveness of the government in place. The contestation quickly became more violent, and in early 2249, the law enforcement forces shown themselves unable to contain the contestation.

In march 2249 the tensions that resulted from the economical situation have come to a head, with a clash between Lohrenian people and their government. The nation was on the verge of a civil war, when the leader of the Lohrenian Fighting Corp, Louis Schroeder, organised a military coup and took over the democratic government in place. Promising the Lohrenians a more stable economy, Schroeder quickly earned the support of the people. The Lohrenian Legions have then been ruling over the colony for two years. In late 2251, the Maréchal Louis Schroeder declared the creation of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene. The constitution, as well as the laws, were written during the following months. With the support of its people, the Maréchal Schroeder nationalised 20% of the factories and mines of the system, and soon initiated a militarisation program with the purpose of acquiring the capacity to rule the entire system without fearing interference from any foreign power.

While it was initially only controlling Lohrene III and its moon, La Rouge, the SRL started taking control of Lohrene II and IV, and their industries. By 2257, the entire system is under the control of the Lohrenian Stratocracy. 25% of its industries are nationalised, and the governments uses the products to boost the local economy, while the incomes are, for their majority, used to support the militarisation program. As Lohrene grew stronger, the nearby systems started to see their militarist tendancies as a threat to peace in the area.

On the April 28th, 2269, The Maréchal, Louis Schroeder, retires. He states "I have seen the Lohrenian people stand up against its own demons, fight for his status and his rank in the galaxy with pride and honour, and I am, myself, proud of any single one of you, from the farms to the mines, from the factories to the ranks of our legions, you can all be proud of yourselves, and of your nation, as I have been proudly leading you for now twenty years". The Maréchal Conrad Kléber becomes the new leader of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene. His politic is mostly aligned with Schroeder's.

During the following 30 years, The Maréchal Kléber kept improving the military, and balancing the system's economy, as did Schroeder. While a vast majority of the Lohrenians remain loyal to their nation, and still geniunly support the military government, some few dissident cells appeared. While very underdevelopped and unorganised, they led a few protests, and perpetrated some rare terrorist actions. The proud and united nature of the Lohrenian society prevents the insurgents from causing much harm to the government, or the economy, as the size of their ranks are rather limited.

In late 2297, Kleber, which is about 63 years old, retires. Shae Ney is then promoted to the Rank of Maréchal. While still moderate compared to the power at her disposal, her politic is more expansionist than the previous government's. In 2303, she orders the settlement of outposts in many unoccupied nearby systems, as a way to protect the Lohrenian borders. By 2308, the Lohrenian Fighting Corp is well established in the system, and has numerous outposts spreaded accross a few, close, stellar systems. Its Legions are batttle hardened following many years of skirmish against pirates and Vox.

  • 2194 : The colony is founded on Lohrene III.
  • 2195 : The First Republic of Lohrene is founded. Independant from the Terran commonwealth and the Ares confederation, it attracts many colonists.
  • 2215 : The mining operations and fledging industries of the Lohrenian Republic keep developing rapidy, the influx of immigrants seaking for work is constant.
  • 2241 : The Lohrenian factories begin to choke, as a result of the successive governments economic politics.
  • 2248 : Corruption within the government is revealed. Protests are organised through the entire colony.
  • 2249 : The contestation quickly becomes more violent, the law enforcement forces are overwhelmed, and Lohrene is on the verge of a civil war.
  • March 2249 : The Legion (the Lohrenian Fighting Corp), led by the Maréchal Louis Schroeder, organises military coup on the planet and stabilises the situation. He quickly earns the trust and support of the vast majority of the Lohrenians.
  • 2251 : In october, The Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene (SRL) is founded by Louis Schroeder, which becomes its first leader. Again, the vast majority of the people supports the military government. A vast militarisation program starts, and 20% of the industries and mines of the system are nationalised. After a few months, the tensions amongst the Lohrenian society come to an end.
  • 2257 : The Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene controls the entire system. The government actively uses nationalised industries to balance the local economy, as well as to fund their militarisation program.
  • 2269 : On April 28th, The Maréchal, Louis Schroeder, retires. A new Maréchal, Conrad Kléber, becomes the new executive leader of Lohrene. His politic is mostly aligned with Schroeder’s.
  • 2297 : The Maréchal Kléber retires. The Maréchal Shae Ney is chosen by the Legion to lead the nation. While still moderate, her politic is more expansionist.
  • 2303 : The first Lohrenian military outposts are installed outside of Lohrene's territory.

Government and Politics

When Lohrene was first founded, the First Republic was established, which had a unicameral congress of 70 prefects called the Consulate, with the consul (prime minister) serving as a tiebreaker. Prefects were directly elected by the citizens of their prefecture. The consul then appointed ministers from the consulate to additional administrative responsabilities. After the military takeover and the foundation of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene, the structure of the State remains nearly identical. The consulate remains intact, and acts as a legislative chamber. The executive leader of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene, is called the Maréchal, and is chosen among the Legion’s highest ranking officers by their peers, mainly for their ability to lead. The government is then appointed by the Maréchal, which typically chooses people out of the military. The Maréchal can be demoted and dismissed by the consulate via a vote, called a censure motion. For now nearly 60 years, the governments has focused on militarising the nation, as well as keeping balance in the Lohrenian economy through their nationalised industries. Conscription is mandatory for all citizens, and lasts 18 months, after which each citizen remains reservist until they reach the age of 50. Many efforts have also been made to build a strong Lohrenian identity, and to unify its people fully. Most Lohrenians are currently supportive of the government.

Foreign Relations

The Relations between the SCG and the Lohrenian Stratocracy are tense, as Sol tends to see Lohrene as a growing potential threat, which is however, currently completely unable to match the SCGDFs. Similarily, independent nearby systems see Lohrene's militarist tendencies as a potential threat to stability in the region. Seeking to establish relations with a superpower, the relations between Lohrene and the ICCG have been fairly positive, so far. Relations with alien nations are neutral, and rare, mostly due to the location of the SRL.

Defense and Law Enforcement

The Lohrenian Republic has traditionally had a small Fighting Corp, armed with small arms and a few light spacecrafts. Since the military takeover, and the creation of the Stratocratic Republic, however, the Legions have been increasing their armaments drastically, with the goal to fully control their own system, as well as to become a regional ruling power. The Lohrenian military is now a well fledged military force. It compensates having very few capital ships by developing commando-like, light infantry tactics, guerilla tactics, as well as EVA Jetpack-based tactics, to a point that the jetpack became an unofficial symbol of the Legion’s EVA combats. Any soldier is equipped with a well armored high-tech hardsuit, which they keep once their conscription is over, until they leave either the active service, or the reservist corp. Anyone joining the fighting corp first spends 18 months of conscription. One may only become an officer after a minimum of 4 years of service, or after becoming a Major. In addition to being the executive leader of the Republic, the Maréchal is in charge of the entire Lohrenian Army. The Fighting Corp is currently divided in 2 Legions : While the 1st Legion is tasked with protecting the state against foreign threats, may it be pirates, Vox, or other human powers, the 2nd legion took over the federal police, and is focused on maintaining peace and fighting criminality within Lohrene itself.

The Lohrenian Legion rank structure is similar to the common one, but is simplified, especially for the enlisted ranks.


The enlisted undergo 6 months of basic training during their conscription, during which they are taught the basics of small arms handling, light infantry and guerilla tactics, EVA operations, including jetpack training. Following the bootcamp, the young soldier is given the rank of Legionnaire, recieves his own hardsuit, and is assigned in an active unit as Legionnaire. After his 18 months of conscription, one may choose to go back to civilian life, or remain on active duty. If he remains on active duty, he may choose a speciality, or undergo the team leader qualification, in order to become a caporal. E-5s are either specialist coordinators, or section (squad) leaders, while Adjudants are generally 2nd in command of a Platoon, or head of a department, on bigger ships. Majors are either advisors to officers (O-3 and above), or platoon leaders.

  • E-1 : Recruit (During Bootcamp)
  • E-3 : Legionnaire (A soldier in either of the 2 Legions, holding no particular duty or responsability)
  • E-4 : Caporal (A team leader (3 Legionnaires + Himself), or a specialist (engineer, MT, Logistician, etc...))
  • E-5 : Sergeant (A coordinator, either of a section (1 section = 2 teams, 1MT and the NCO) leader, or in a department (Senior MT, Engineer...))
  • E-7 : Adjudant (Head of a department for specialists, or 2nd in command of a Platoon (1 Platoon = 3 sections, a radioman (E-4), the leader and his 2nd in command)).
  • E-9 : Major (An instructor, advisor, or Platoon CO. Majors are highly experienced senior enlisteds generally trusted and listened even by senior officers).


In order to become an officer, 2 options are available : One may apply between his 4th and his 6th years service mark in the military, no matter his rank, under the condition that he is a citizen of the SRL. Alternatively, a Major (E-9) may apply in order to become a Lieutenant. Every officer of the Legion were, before, an enlisted, meaning there are no such things as "Trainee" officer ranks like the SCG's O-1 may be. Upon being selected, an officer undergoes 1.5 to 2 years of training, depending on the speciality he chooses. O-1s are either platoon leaders, or high qualified specialists, such as pilots and bridge staffs. O-3s are generally given command of a commando (a company), or placed in charge of several O-1s, or smaller ships (as Fighter squadron leader, or as CO of a smaller patrol craft for example). The commandants are generally in charge of a battallion, an outpost, or a bigger space ship, while commodores command several of those. There are only 2 Généraux (Généraux being the plural of Général), which are head of a Legion. The Maréchal is generally chosen out of the O-8s and O-7s of the Legion.

  • O-1 : Lieutenant (Pilots, bridge staff or Platoon CO)
  • O-3 : Captain (Commando CO (A commando is constituted of 2 Platoons and a command team, which is worth 70 persons), Squadron leaders or CO of smaller patrol crafts)
  • O-5 : Commandant (In charge of a battalion, larger ship or outpost)
  • O-7 : Commodore (In charge of several Battalions, ships, and outposts)
  • O-8 : Général (In charge of one Legion)
  • O-9 : Maréchal (In charge of the entire Fighting Corp)

Unlike the SCG, and in order to compensate its smaller size, the SRL Fighting Corp choosed to equip all their men with hardsuits, instead of issuing both EVA equipments and regular armor. A colour-code on the hardsuit denotes the rank of the man wearing it, as described thereafter :

  • No distinctive markings : E-1 to E-4
  • Green Markings : E-5 to E-9 (NCOs)
  • Blue Markings : O-1 (LT)
  • Red Markings : O-3 (CAPT)
  • Yellow Markings : O-5 (CMDT)
  • Brown Markings : O-7 (Commodore)
  • Purple markings : O-8 and O-9 (Général, and Maréchal)


Lohrenians have always been prideful. The original isolation of the colony, far out in the frontier, as well as the nature of the labours in colony has developed in the population a pride in their nation, and many feel like their works contributes to something bigger. The requirements for citizenship are : being human, being born on Lohrene (children of non-citizens satisfy this requirement) OR serve a minimum 5 active years in the Fighting Corp, a passing score on a test that includes Lohrenian history and politics, and a creed, learnt by any Lohrenian (which emphasises loyalty to the nation, and honour). The flag of the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene, as well as the creed, hold a strong place in the Lohrenian culture. Understandably, fraternity is a strong valor of the Lohrenian culture as well.

The Flag

Originally, the Lohrenian flag used to be the following one :

The blue symbolises freedom, while the yellow represents national pride. The green Laurel crown reminds of the colony's vast plains, and the cultural roots tying the Lohrenian people to their planet's nature.

To mark a difference with the previous Lohrenian Republic, the Stratocratic Republic of Lohrene decided to change the national flag, which, over the years, became a symbol of the weakness and passiveness of the 1st Republic :

The black fill represents the unity shared amongst all, punctured by the yellow trim of pride, following the red daggers representing the blood spilt for the nation. The pride and blood are all heading towards, hoping towards that little star in the middle that is only made up with those four daggers coming together.


The Lohrenian economy is, for the vast majority, based on manufacturing and mining. The mines on Lohrene II and IV are providing most of the raw ressources needed by the factories on Lohrene III and La Rouge. Among other things, the factories mainly produce light and medium sized starships, with the occasional heavier one being built in orbit, atmospheric craft for both leisure and defence, general transport means, as well as firearms (with a focus on plasma weaponry). Since the establishment of the Stratocracy, the successive governments have been carefully balancing the economy to prevent a new crisis, using their nationalised mines to provide the factories with a steady influx of materials, while using the profits to fund the militarisation program.

Science and Technology

While unable to rival with the more central worlds of the SCG and the ICCG, Lohrene remains nonetheless a leading research center in the frontier, mainly focused on light and medium spacecrafts, as well as general transports. The militarisation program also encourage the research and production of many weapons, favorising plasma weapons over ballistics, or lasers.