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While playing as Crew aboard the SEV Torch, there will be four general types of uniform you will be wear, the wear of which is governed by IC regulations. Each has its own individual components, and are appropriate for different occasions and activities. Don't mix and match components of each uniform unless this guide specifically permits it. Military personnel are required to always wear their uniform except when their occupation would require otherwise, or they are substituting their uniform for equipment available in their occupation's lockers, such as doctors wearing scrubs, or engineers wearing a radiation suit. Religious headgear in colors that match the main color of each uniform is permitted.

While in uniform, you are representing yourself, your organization, and your ship. Take pride in your appearance, and do your best to do your service proud. Do not smoke, eat, chew gum, drink, or put your hands in your pockets while walking. If you have any questions about the uniform, don't hesitate to ask OOCly, or in an adminhelp. Crew that are off-duty are permitted to wear civilian clothes, and are not required to follow grooming guidelines, though it is recommended they still comport themselves with dignity and professionalism.

General Rules

These rules apply to all branches unless specifically overriden. If an item of uniform is not listed (e.g. no shirt listed), same piece of clothing from 'lower' uniform is used (e.g. service shirt for dress uniform).

PT Uniform

The most basic is the Physical Training or "PT" uniform. This consists of shorts, a tee shirt, ankle socks, and plain shoes.

This uniform, as the name suggests, is only for working out, sleeping, or wearing under other uniforms, and should not be worn at work.

Utility Uniform

The next type of uniform is the "utility" uniform, which is what you'll be wearing most of the time.

This uniform is durable, simple, and protects the wearer from a variety of hazards. It can be worn with any variety of job-related equipment, and under things like hardsuits or armor. Don't wear any decorations like medals or ribbons in this, with the exception of specialty pins for Fleet personnel. Can be worn with a variety of additional work-related items, including job-specific clothing like lab coats, armour, helmets, welding masks, and gloves. Generally, anything in your job locker counts as job-specific clothing. Shoulder-boards and other uniform accessories should never be transferred to job-specific clothing and should remain on the main uniform.

Service Uniform

The "service" uniform is similar to business formal attire, often worn when in an office, or at official functions.

This shouldn't be standard wear for the most crew aboard the Torch; unless your job doesn't involve much physical activity, keep this one in your locker. Can be worn with decorations, and often includes jacket to wear over the main uniform. Can be worn with equipment belts and holsters, but no webbing or vests.

Dress Uniform

Finally, your "dress" uniform is for special occasions, much like a tuxedo or little black dress, it has mystical properties around your preferred gender.

As the name suggests, this should be saved for events like visiting dignitaries, or a formal court martial. Should not be worn with any extra equipment or gear save holsters, armbands, ranks, specialty pins, or awards.

Other Considerations

Grooming and Hair

While in uniform, the crew is expected to maintain a certain standard of personal hygiene and grooming. This means that you must have groomed hair that does not cover your eyes, extend past the collar of your uniform, or too far from the top of your head. As much as you'd like to have a massive afro, it would be hard to fit under a helmet if the ship came under attack. Trimmed mustaches are permitted, provided they are not split at any point. Other facial hair is not permitted, except for the 3 O'clock shadow and its mustachioed variant. The following styles are permitted for all military personnel, with facial hair in italics:

Bald, Short Hair, Short Hair 2, Cut Hair, Parted, Ponytail 2, Pompadour, Quiff, Bedhead 3, Bobcurl, Bob, Bowl, Buzzcut, Crewcut, Combover, Father, Reverse Mohawk, Curls, Rows, Flat Top, Mohawk, Adam Jensen Hair, Gelled Back, Spiky, Short Hime, Kusanagi Hair, Skinhead, Side undercut, Balding Hair, CIA, Mulder, Scully, Joestar, Short Bangs, Low Bun, High Bun, High and Tight, High Fade, Medium Fade, Low Fade, Balding Fade, Regulation Cut, Trimmed Flat Top, Shaved, Trimmed, Tight Bun, Coffee House Cut, Parted Fade, Undercut, Chin Length Bob Cut. Square Mustache, Selleck Mustache, Hulk Hogan Mustache, Watson Mustache, 3 O'clock shadow, 3 O'clock shadow with mustache.

Expeditionary Corps

Members of the Expeditionary Corps, as permitted by EC regulations, may let their hair grow out further while in deep space. Trimmed beards, ponytails, and longer hairstyles are permitted, given that the hair does not extend over the shoulder, or sit above the head unassisted so far as that it cannot be forced under a helmet. The following additional styles are permitted for Expeditionary Corps members:

Hairstyles: Shoulder-length Hair, Flaired Hair, Long Fringe, Ponytail 1, Ponytail 3, Ponytail 5, Ponytail 6, Parted, Sleeze, Bedhead, Bedhead 2, Beehive, Bowl, Devil Lock, Dreadlocks, Afro, Afro 2, Flow Hair, Feather, Hitop, Odango, Ombre, Updo, Dandy Pompadour, Poofy, Vegeta, Nitori, Fringetail.

Facial hair: Neckbeard, Full Beard, Elvis Sideburns, Abraham Lincoln Beard, Chinstrap, Hipster Beard, Goatee, Adam Jensen Beard, Volaju, 3 O'Clock Shadow, 3 O'Clock Moustache, 5 O'Clock Shadow, 5 O'Clock Moustache, 7 O'Clock Shadow, 7 O'Clock Moustache.

Hats/Covers while in Uniform

Under current SolGov military regulations, uniformed personnel are not required to wear hats (Also called 'covers'), while serving aboard a naval vessel such as the SEV Torch. If available as a part of uniform, berets can replace headgear of all of uniforms (utility, service, dress).


The crew is allowed to wear simple and conservative jewelry, and it must be in good taste while in uniform. Eccentricities or faddishness are not permitted, and the jewelry may not present a safety hazard. One ring per hand is permitted, plus a wedding or engagement ring set. Only one necklace is permitted while in uniform, and it must not be visible.

Expeditionary Corps uniforms

Expeditionary Corps uniforms are black, with silver trim for enlisted and staff crew members, and gold for heads of staff. Rank is displayed with a badge worn on collar.

PT Uniform

The PT uniform of the SCG Expeditionary Corps. A baggy shirt bearing the seal of the SCG Expeditionary Corps and some dorky looking blue shorts. The PT shirt is worn under every EC uniform.

PT Uniform PT Shorts PT Shirt PT Shoes

Utility Uniform

The utility uniform of the SCG Expeditionary Corps. The crew wears silver or gold cuffs and belts to denote position. Departmental colour blazes on the shoulders. Rank is denoted by the rank badge worn on the turtleneck's collar. Black Duty Boots.

Full Uniform Shirt Undershirt Footwear Rank badge Headwear

Service Uniform

The Service Uniform of the SCG Expeditionary Corps. Department markings are located on the shoulders of the jacket as well as on the jumper. Jacket is optional. If jacket is worn, rank pins should be worn on the jacket, as should any medals, ribbons or qualification pins.

Full Uniform Shirt Footwear Headwear Overwear

Dress Uniform

The dress uniform of the SCG Expeditionary Corps. Consists of service uniform with dress coat replacing service one. Should not be worn with any extra equipment or gear save holsters, armbands, ranks, or awards.

Full Uniform Gloves Overwear

Fleet uniforms

Fleet uniforms are either navy or white, depending on the uniform in question, and are worn with some unique extra specialty pins. Specific jobs have colored pins for their collars, and all members wear gold or silver specialty pins on their left breast to denote officer or enlisted status. Rank is displayed with shoulder boards.

PT Uniform

The PT uniform of the SCG Fleet. A three-part ensemble with two tank tops and shorts.

PT Uniform PT Top PT Shorts PT Shoes
Fleet pt full f.png
Fleet pt top.png

Utility Uniform

The utility uniform of the SCG Fleet. PT tank tops should be worn underneath. Cuffs are coloured to mark department. Rank is denoted by shoulder-boards worn on the coveralls. Specialty pins worn on the coveralls denote enlisted and officers, as well as specialities. Black Duty Boots.

Full Uniform Shirt Undershirt Footwear Tabs Headwear
FUTUnifull.png FUTFUnifull.png FUTOUnifull.png
Fleet pt top.png

Service Uniform

The Service Uniform of the SCG Fleet. Black trousers, white shirt, and black dress shoes. Can be worn with long or short sleeves and optional tie. No departmental markings other than any speciality pins, no fleet or mission patches. Can be worn with blue or navy-colored ties and other military dress uniform accessories. White shirt is worn underneath. Headwear is either a wheel cover (Officers/NCO's), garrison cap (enlisted) or a beret or dress beret. Jacket is optional. If jacket is worn, shoulder boards should be worn on the jacket, as should any medals, ribbons or qualification pins.

Enlisted NCO SNCO Officer Senior Officer Flag Officer Shirt Footwear Headwear Overwear
Fleetservice under.pngFleetservice dress.png
FleetSercice nco.png
FleetService snco.png
FleetService officer.png
FleetDress sofficer2.png
FleetService flag.png
FSSOver.pngFSSOver officer.png

Dress Uniform

The dress uniform of the SCG Fleet. A coat with gold buttons, for officers, a coat with silver buttons, for SNCO's and a sailor suit for junior enlisted, worn over top of the service uniform. The cover is a dress beret, wheel cover (for officers and SNCO's) or a Garrison cap (for junior enlisted). Shoulder boards should be worn on the jacket, as should any medals, ribbons or qualification pins.

Enlisted NCO SNCO Officer Senior Officer Flag Officer Gloves Overwear
Fleetdress enlisted.png
Fleetdress nco.png
Fleetdress snco.png
Fleetdress officer.png
Fleetdress sofficer2.png
Fleetdress flag.png
FSDOver enlisted.pngFSDOver.png

Uniform Table

Expeditionary Corps
Uniform Equipment Belts Vests/Webbing/Armour Awards Work Gloves Dress Gloves Other Job Equipment Patches Jacket Holsters Ranks Armbands Backpack Satchel
Work Jumpsuit (Non-Uniform)
Uniform Equipment Belts Vests/Webbing/Armour Awards Work Gloves Dress Gloves Other Job Equipment Patches Jacket Holsters Ranks Armbands Backpacks Satchels
Work Jumpsuit (Non-Uniform)