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This article is an in-depth look at Clans, their structures, and several major clans from across Moghes.

Clans are a grouping together of like-minded Unathi who share a common goal and acceptance between one another. Most likely, the earliest clans came from Unathi’s realizing that they had better chance in numbers rather than as individuals to not starve and die in the deadly wastes of Moghes. Today, Clans are a major part of Society and what holds the Unathi together, and separates them, more than anything else.

Clans are led by a Kaahnepo and a Matriarch. The Kaahnepo leads the clan for life, and new ones are chosen by the Matriarch and then led through a series of trials by his clansmen to see if he is able to lead them. Matriarchs are selected from amongst the women of the clan, by the women, in a strangely “democratic” system. Their duties are simple: leading the males and females of the clan in their duties. The Kaahnepo is the top of the clan, and decides what the men of his clan should be doing, where resources should be going, and handling diplomacy and trade of all kinds with other clans. The Matriarch is in charge of the women and making sure that the clan’s village, homestead, or district in a city state are maintained, as well as keeping the women in line on raising and teaching the young until they’re old enough, and adding to the clan’s skein, which tracks the history of the clan.

Members of the Clan all have duties that must attend to, and the better you are at your task, the higher your standing in the clan is. A master craftsmen would be of higher standing than a young warrior, regardless of what the warrior thinks. Merit and Honor, as well as the following of traditions, are the most important values to a clan. A Unathi should always be honoring his clan by following their traditions, and doing and learning as much as he can to make them better and stronger.

Different clans have different meanings of these traditions. Look below to see how a few clans from the different regions of Moghes understand their values, and take part in their world:

Gresis Clan:

The Gresis Clan, one of the most powerful in the Diamond Peaks area, is one very centralized around religion. Members of this clan are clearly identified, as they wear symbols of pickaxes being illuminated on their clothes, showing their pride in their work. Starting in their teenage years, every member works in mining. They do this as they believe the work helps to properly educate their young to truly appreciate the luxuries in life. On top of this, they are followers of the Fruitful Lights religion, believing that every resource they dig up brings them closer to the glory. The area they are in is known to be very richly saturated with diamonds, and they have “lovingly” taken to calling this area, Saris Nirz, considering the land a gift from the Precursors themselves. Because of this, they have been fighting for dominance in the area since they got there centuries ago. They have made vassals of various clans, those who wanted to destroy them, and those that wanted to expand their faith through working. Ver’sik Gresis, the current, and sole leader of the Gresis Clan, has been continuing the traditions that his clan have set. However, as more and more off-worlders come to the Diamond Peaks, mining close to Saris Nirz, the more volatile their relations become. They see the off-worlder mining operations as interferences with the purpose that the Precursors created them for, and because of this, have lead many attacks to drive them out of the area. While not completely stopping it, they have more or less driven off-worlders out of the area they inhabit. They seek to fulfill the purpose they believe they were sent there for, and do not intend to let others stop them in their path.

Ulig'vas and Jez'vik Clan:

The Ulig’vas, and Jez’vik clans are individually small, and have always been like that. They are both also practicers of Grand Stratagem. The Ulig’vas are hunters, seeing each prey they kill as a means to better themselves, and learn more about life. The Jez’vik however, are more militant fighters, trying to keep their supplies secure as they transport goods throughout the deserts. Both of their nomadic ways in the deserts have proven that a small reliable group is better than a larger one. However, both of their relative smallness lead to both of their downfalls. Clan Sorize, one vastly bigger than them, vassalized them, and effectively made them their slaves. This went on for decades, and the Sorize’s takings from these clans eventually pushed them over the edge. Ar’resk Ulig’vas and Korem Jez’vik, leaders of their respective clans, joined their clans together to take out their tyrannical leaders. Being successful in their endeavours, and realizing they shared not only a similar background, but religion, the two clans became quick friends. The Ulig’vas helped to Jez’vik keep protected from the fauna, and the Jez’vik help the Ulig’vas trade their goods, and become profitable. Maintaining their own individual beliefs, they travel together, and hunt together, sharing their beliefs and traditions with one another as if they were the same clan. They continue their nomadic practices, and they hunt down the Duneworms, and other fauna native to the deserts that make up Moghes, together, fighting them with made spears, and swords. Because of their new size, and ability to cover larger ground more successfully now, they have been able to make a profit from their hunting. They commonly travel into the Savannahs to trade the excess food for supplies, and pick up goods to transport to other areas. As they travel together, in much happier times, they are ever vigilant to not let the mistakes of the past repeat.

Issarik Clan:

The Issarik Clan has always taught that curiosity and discovery was key to survival. With every new advancement, their odds of surviving increased, and without the curiosity to drive discovery, you would die. Such teachings are still ingrained in their beliefs, and their current leader, Koszes Issarik, has kept it that way. The Issarik Clan currently resides in the Northern Pole of Moghes, and has been now for decades after the discoveries of Precursor technology. They are devout worshipers of the Precursor technology, and have been trying to integrate, and recreate the technological artifacts that they acquire. While most other clans in the area would argue with them, they see this as the only way to truly honor the ones that came before them, and advance their own race to the future. They fight those who would seek to hinder their progress, and have established more than a name for themselves because of it.Their engineering skill is known throughout the Northern Pole, and they are usually sought after to repair, and acquire hardsuits, and more advanced weaponry, such as energy swords, or laser rifles. Progress is a means to make their clan, and their race, great, and they seek to get to the point where they can join the stars with the rest of the Galaxy.

Zes'lin Clan:

The Zesli’n Clan are a tribe of boaters in the Derzin Swamps. They had lived in the Savanahs, devout followers of the Hand of the Vine movement, but clan leader Issek decided that in pursuit to spread plant life throughout Moghes, they must cleanse the toxicity of the swamps to make it more habitable. Though this goal has not been accomplished fully, Derzin Swamps has over a long period of time, gradually recovered and become more habitable. Even to this day, the clan is firm that their efforts to cleanse the swamps will reward them greatly. Many Hand of the Vine members stop by the Swamps for periods of rest, and recovery from the deserts, and the Zesli’n Clan are more than happy to have them. The current clan leader, Seva, has been trying to lead them further into the swamps, where they before did not dare, to clean a larger area faster. In addition to this, Seva has also been treating the women of his clan more like the males, sending them out to do tasks that the men used to do, before they spent most of their days cleaning. The cleansing will not only help the planet, but it will bring us closer to our faith, and serve a great purpose.

Tessereck Clan:

The Tessereck Clan, is an very odd clan, living in the deserts of the equator, in a long lost military bomb shelter, capable of housing nearly three hundred individuals. How they originally came to be was twenty exiles, male and female, from three different clans banding together to survive. They created the name above, as to preserve the memory of those that discarded them. The discovery of this shelter save them from the radiated wastes outside, but also provided them with precursor weapons, and gear to help them survive. Due to their tough circumstances, they have mostly abandoned most traditions, with women being treated as almost equals, although they still have to take care of the cooking/cleaning, and despite being practicers of Grand Stratagem, preferring firearms when dealing with others. Any exile who braves the storms, will be welcomed with open arms, and treated as a member of the clan, as if they were born there. Despite being made of exiles, and wanting places to stay, they have very strict rules, that can get someone exiled yet again, and that exile is much harsher, most not able to leave the equator. Also in honor of the three different clans the original twenty came from, they have three leaders that act like a council for their group. Members of the council are the strongest three Unathi of the clan. The current three leaders, Yexasz, Gi’elz, and Taskhar, are leading the Tessereck clan to new grounds. Before, they were mostly keeping their existence more or less a myth, a secret hope for exiles on Moghes, but now, they are expanding their horizons. Their huge population, amassing an outstanding one hundred eighty seven members, makes it easy to spread out, and do the jobs required, and with their new gear, and their overall versatility, they are moving on to do jobs for clans in need of assistance, and willing to pay. Though discarded, they will show this world the mark that they may leave upon it.

I'lesk Clan:

The I’lesk Clan is one that has used its fortunate past for others. Desa, a clan leader from centuries ago, found Precursor texts of medical procedures. By studying these texts, the clan became a valued asset for the Southern Pole of Moghes as some of the best doctors around. Their knowledge of the medical field thanks to these texts has allowed them to gain a significant amount of influence, and power, with many clans not so much as touching them for fear of being denied service in the future. However, this does not come without its caveats, with many clans trying to steal their texts to gain the knowledge for themselves. While no successful attempts have been made, it has caused a serious problem, causing many conflicts with other clans. Their small size only worsens the matter, but thankfully, a good amount of clans have protected them in the past. Anyone who shares, or tries to share the knowledge outside the clan, is promptly branded, and exiled off-world, in an attempt to keep their status. The current clan leader, Tavex, has already had to exile his eldest son for this reason. He leads the clan with an iron fist, to keep everyone in line, and the knowledge from the texts hidden. Knowledge is power, and none know this better than the I’lesk clan.

Insthyr Clan:

A smaller clan that borders between the most northern parts of the Diamond Peaks and the Poles, the Insthyrs are often a part of conflict due to their location. Their capital is one of the larger ports in the North Pole, and is often common to the trade of weapons, food, and water for the region. Not only that, but with their close vicinity to the Diamond Peaks, raiders from the region often come to the Insthyr in hopes to take their profit. Hard workers, sturdy fighters, and stiff traders, the Insthyrs are commonly known to be staunch followers of the Fruitful Lights, and their leader Gogriss uses the faith as law for his people, if you can even call it faith. They often let clanmembers travel off world in looks for more craft that they can bring back to Moghes.

Nels'thar Clan:

The Nels'thar clan are the dominant power in the southern pole city of S'igek Nels'thar. They possess an ancient mass driver which they have made functional and used to great effect, now having contact with NanoTrasen and several other human organizations, and having gone as far as to make a bid for the Interstellar Assembly. Aliger Nels'thar is the current ruler of the Nels'thar Clan, he is driving his people to gather technology, either that of the precursors or from off world sources. The clan believes in the importance of preserving every bit of precursor technology they can find. The older members of the clan are inclined towards believing the precursors to be an almost demigod race, the great benefactors that make the clan’s fortunes possible. The younger members of the clan are not so sure, they still treat precursor ruins with utmost respect, but do not believe in the precursors as being all important like their forefathers. Despite their attempts at gathering knew technology they are wary of displaying it to their neighbors. Recent tensions in the area has caused them to make a show of their belief in tradition, even if they no longer fully agree with it

Krass Clan:

The origins of clan Krass are effectively lost in time, at least for the outsiders. Not much is known about the first legendary Kaahnepo, Gradriss Krass, who led a somewhat large group of warriors and their wives to the frontier region of Derzin saltwater swamps, known as Xusst Khraa, or Five Hamlets. The «First True Krass» was said to be 8 feet tall and 300 years old, but frankly, what great ancestor differs from this description? It is generally agreed that the Krasses come from the Diamond Peaks area of Moghess, either hailing from one of the tribes in vassalage to the powerful Gresis family, or splintering from the overlord clan itself. Unlike an average swamp dweller, tall and agile, average Krass is short and bulky, possessing thick brown hide and, every so often, a pair of massive curved horns. Just as other peakies, Krass are said to be of great strength, vitality and tenacity, if not sluggish and dim-witted. The early Krass clan was welcomed warmly by other families of Five Hamlets, since they had only just settled the area, still dangerous and unexplored. Together with the locals, with whom they shared a staunch belief in Precursors and the principles of Fruitful Lights, Krass put great efforts in scouting and recovering the lands, cleansing the toxic patches and hunting down the mighty beasts that populated it. Very soon, Krass proved to be capable fishermen, building their own boats and providing the passing caravans with food. Few generations later, however, Krass weren’t doing so hot. Eventually they adapted to their new home and intermarried with other minor clans in the area. However, they were still were very much aloof, having few ties with surrounding settlements, often too proud to ask for help. Poor harvest, epidemics and desert people raiding the common pastures soon led to the impoverishment of Krasses. Having married all their daughters to the more powerful neighbors, they began migrating slowly along the coast, feuding with former allies, seeking new patches of ground to convert into pastures. While the present of clan Krass looks grim, not everything is yet lost. The current Kaahnepo, Drurris Krass, has risked losing valuable workforce, sending several young but capable Sinta adults to the rich polar cities of the north. From there, the hard-working youth are sending in valuable resources, equipment and knowledge, required to rebuild the clan. With careful management, Clan Krass should be back on track in few decades.