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NanoTrasen Corporation
NT logo.png
Size Large
Industry Chemical, Manufacturing, Materials science
Products .45 pistol, Supermatter, Space cleaner, Phoron pistol
System Sol
Planet Luna
Founded 2193
Founder Xavier Edwards

NanoTrasen Corporation (officially stylized as NT) is a corporate entity based in the Sol Central Government, known for being a large shareholder of the Expeditionary Corps Organisation. It is one of the largest human-owned corporations in terms of sales, and primarily serves the chemical industry.

They have a relatively substantial presence on the SEV Torch, having provided a Supermatter crystal to replace its original fusion reactor. Their contractors can be found onboard taking a plethora of jobs, usually science-related.


NanoTrasen Chemical Supply was founded by Xavier Edwards in 2193 as a chemical supply company. The company mass-produced chemical cartridges, and was very profitable. Soon, they became an interstellar giant and producer of household and industrial chemicals.

In 2221, they underwent corporate restructuring and rebranded themselves to NanoTrasen Corporation. Their operations were expanded to the fields of manufacturing and materials science. One of their first well-sold products in their new line-up was their Mk58 pistol, made of a patented, rugged, and highly-economic polymer. The success of this cheap weapon found NT competing among the ranks of established gun manufacturers, like Hephaestus Industries.

Starting near the middle of the 23rd century, they were the first major company to research the mysterious phoron and invent phoron-based products, like the phoron pistol. Around the same time, they discovered the first samples of Supermatter. They discovered, when energized, Supermatter crystals could be used to generate power. This breakthrough, along with a general spike in the profitability of phoron, resulted in NT launching large-scale operations in the phoron-rich system of Nyx.

In 2301, they increased their share in EXO, partially funding and providing resources for the refit of the SFV Arrow into the SEV Torch for the Helios program. The move was deemed questionable by investors, as the Torch was expected to not be a considerable source of profit.

After over 100 years of manufacturing, NT discontinued their line of chemical cartridges in 2305.

Corporate affairs

A Shuttle Pilot in NT uniform

NT is managed by a board of directors, which generally consists of various lifetime employees and wealthy investors. The current CEO is Nil Sands, a former captain of the NSV Luna.

Since 2241, NT has maintained a large fleet of research vessels, along with defense vessels to accompany them. While some are mothballed military vessels bought from shipyards, others are made by the company itself.

Notable sites and vessels

NT Central Office

Located in New Amsterdam, the NT Central Office serves as an administrative body for all of the company's operations. It was constructed not long after the founding of the city, and serves as its basic industry, keeping its economy afloat.

NAS Crescent

The NT Administrative Station Crescent is the largest of NT's stations. Located in orbit of Nyx, it acts as the administrative center of the company's operations in the outer worlds. Since the destruction of the NSS Exodus, the Crescent has began compensating for the gap in research facilities. A large portion of the station houses NT Central Command, commonly referred to as CentCom, however the Crescent is still considered a separate entity from CentCom.

NSV Luna

The NT Science Vessel Luna is the flagship of the NT's fleet. A four-deck vessel, it was constructed in 2256 as a vessel to research Nyx and surrounding systems, before NT launched stations and better infrastructure in the area. Being heavily aged, it serves ceremonial purposes, and has been docked on display in New Amsterdam since 2285.

NDV Icarus

The notorious NT Defense Vessel Icarus is a two-deck vessel that was in charge of guarding the NSS Exodus. Following its failure to do so and the surrounding controversy, the NDV Icarus was indefinitely docked in 2307. It is often confused for the missing Expeditionary Corps vessel, the SEV Icarus.

Involvement of the Edwards family

Xavier Edwards, and his son, Hector Edwards III, both ran the company as consecutive CEOs. Jeff Edwards, the childless grandson of Xavier Edwards, sold his shares of the company to public holders in 2276.

Death of Jeff Edwards

In 2236, Edwards was recreationally fishing space carp when an unidentified object impacted him at high velocity. A criminal investigation ruled the death as accidental, however conspiracy theorists believe that Jeff Edwards is still alive, escaping to live inside the Skrell territory.

Interspecies relations

A majority of NT's employees are Human, however recently NT has began hiring more aliens, primarily Unathi workers. While these moves have increased their count in the company's workforce, Unathi prefer to work for Hephaestus Industries due to existing amicable relations.

In 2309, NT announced their first alien member of the board of directors, a Dionaea gestalt, who had lead research on Supermatter when it was first discovered. Since the announcement, the gestalt has yet to participate in any administrative duties.


NSS Exodus incident

In 2305, the NT Science Station Exodus was assaulted by an unknown strike team. It was promptly destroyed, with all crew members onboard being declared deceased. The strike team managed to evade the defenses NDV Icarus and successfully steal the nuclear authentication disk aboard the Exodus in order to detonate a nuclear device. Despite ongoing investigations, the company has been unable to determine the source of the strike team.

Possible perpetrators

Many believe that Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals destroyed the station in an attempt to stunt the research division of NanoTrasen. Zeng-Hu has vigorously denied this, claiming that they operate under fair and good intentions.

Others believe that the Independent Colonial Confederation of Gilgamesh sent the strike team after one of their agents was discovered aboard the station. While they accept the presence of agent, the ICCG deny their objectives as malicious. The agent, a chaplain onboard the station, died during the incident.

In recent years, a highly-disputed theory by Vorza Knovic, a professor from Magnitka, has declared that the Fleet destroyed the station due to holding sensitive information that NanoTrasen employees could exploit for personal and corporate gains. The SCG has yet to comment on the theory.