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Basic usage
All parameters
Template:((Main|page1|page2|page3| ... |l1 = label1|l2 = label2|l3 = label3|...|selfref = yesTemplate:))


  • 1, 2, 3, ... – the pages to link to. If no page names are specified, the current page name is used instead (without the namespace prefix). Categories and files are automatically escaped with the colon trick, and links to sections are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.
  • l1, l2, l3, ... – optional labels for each of the pages to link to (this is for articles where a piped link would be used). Note that the extra parameters use a lower case 'L', for example, l1, not L1. (label 1, label 2, label 3, ... for this template does not work)
  • selfref – if set to "yes", "y", "true" or "1", adds the CSS class "selfref". This is used to denote self-references to Wikipedia. See Template:Selfref for more information. This is only necessary in articles and other content (e.g. templates) that will appear in articles, and need not be added for uses of this template on Wikipedia: namespace pages.