Supply Jobs

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Deck Officer
Approve orders given to Supply. Make sure the rest of the department isn't slacking. Keep track of the shuttles.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Cargo Bay
Deck Technician
Accept orders. Deliver crates. Send mail. Refuel Guppy.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Cargo Bay
Supply Assistant
UnathiSupply 96px.png
Assist the Deck Crew with anything they need. Man the Supply desk. Wish you could go into Maintenance with the cool kids. Be a trainee.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Cargo Bay
Go on wacky space adventures. Mine for gold. Pick through the ruins of ancient civilizations.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Hangar
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Alternative names: Drill Technician, Salvage Technician, Shaft Miner