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Page Creation

Article Titles

  1. Article titles follow Title Capitalization.
  2. If the article title is within the opening paragraph, it must be bolded.
  3. If the article is on an object that appears in game, it must be exactly as it appears in-game, with exception to capitalization
  4. Article titles should not contain a suffix, except where absolutely unavoidable. (Such as when referring to a species)


Articles must be one of the following :

  1. Contain enough information to warrant a new page
  2. Be part of the game. eg, an object.

Articles must not be one of the following :

  1. Unreleased or removed content
  2. Joke or hoax articles
  3. Created for the purpose of advertising specific servers or other products are not allowed.


Style of Pages

When creating a page, use the same style as other pages of the same category. This helps both readers and editors, as it lets readers get accustomed to the site and how to find information.

The following must be made of similar style, based on the relevant project page:

  • Header names and order
  • Referencing style
  • Navigation boxes
  • Categories


  1. Any instance of Baystation 12 must be italicized.


  1. To emphasize points, articles must not use italics, bold or ALL CAPS.
  2. Articles must always begin with a summary paragraph, followed by a level 2 header.
  3. Acronyms are always all caps.

Articles should "flow." This means that they are not "chopped up" into smaller sections by icons, pictures or templates.


Jokes are only allowed when used sparingly and not affect the flow of an article.


  1. Linking must not be more than 10% of the article.
  2. Links must only be linked once at the first instance of the appearance of the link, with exception to templates and tables.
  3. Unless it affects the wording of an article, two links should never be beside each other.
  4. Article links should not be capitalized, create a redirect or use the alt title feature.

Linking a redirect is preferred over a piped link.


Redirects are acceptable under any of the following conditions:

  1. Alternative spelling of the title, such as "Armour" for "Armor"
  2. Alternative or shortened name, such as "Torch Bridge" for "SEV Torch Deck B Bridge"
  3. Previous article name, such as a recently merged article.
  4. Alternative capitalization or form, including changing the title to a plural case.


Articles, regardless of content, should always strive to have an infobox and navbox. These allow users to more easily identify quick information and find other links.


  1. Headings always use level 2+ headers.
  2. Headings follow sentence case.


  1. Articles must not contain notices of bugs, glitches or problems in the game. This is to both reduce workload when the bug is inevitably fixed, and prevent misinformation or breaking of the flow of an article.
  2. Articles must not contain HTML if markup is available. This does not apply to backend pages (IE. templates)


Icons / Sprites

  1. Icons / Sprites must be (at standard tile size) 32x32 to (preferred) 64x64 pixels
  2. .PNG format
  3. Transparency must be kept
  4. Icons are only acceptable when they are a direct rip from the source.
  5. Up-scaled Icons (from 32x32 to 64x64) must be done by nearest neighbor.


Screenshots of the world can be done in the editor, however, it is preferred that the screenshots be taken in game.

  1. Screenshots must have transparency removed.
  2. .PNG format
  3. Screenshots must be kept borderless (no window visible.)
  4. Screenshots must not contain multiple windows, as to preserve readability.
  5. Screenshots of locations must not have the standard HUD visible.
  6. Screenshots must be up to date, and must not contain any visible bugs or glitches, as to maintain sanity.

Other Images

Special Clause