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Pursue your own goals aboard the Torch.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Maintenance


The Stowaway is very similar to the passenger role, you are a civilian aboard the Torch with little access. However it has the additional challenge of needing to either avoid awkward questions about your lack of legal ID, or finding a way to get hold of one. The stowaway must use all their skills and cunning to survive on the ship without running afoul of security.

Like the Merchant, this role is not available every round. It is one of the roles available to Vox players aboard the Torch. Just like the Merchant the stowaway is not part of the crew, but is not an antagonist.

Playing a Stowaway

Passage on the SEV Torch as a passenger is extremely expensive, and a stowaway has avoided getting a ticket. Other motivations for becoming a stowaway are limitless, perhaps you came aboard from an exoplanet colony that was recently visited, or are a corporate spy there to learn research secrets. You are extremely free to decide your motivations on your own. However, remember that you are not an antagonist and being overly violent may not be appropriate. Try to ensure you are adding to the round, perhaps by leaving an interesting trail of clues for a Forensic Technician.

You will start the round in maintenance with a stolen Crewman ID.

The stowaway is a completely RP-focused role with no mechanical advantages or responsibilities.