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What is Baystation 12?

Baystation 12 is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed using the BYOND engine. In Baystation 12 from here on to be referred to as SS13, its base game, or BS12, short for "Baystation 12" (our specific variant), players take the role of a crew on a ship. There are many different jobs available, and each player chooses and plays a role. On our server, Baystation 12, we are a dedicated roleplaying community where you can play a variety of roles aboard the SEV Torch, ranging from members of the esteemed Expeditionary Corps of the Sol Central Government, a boot straight out of training from the Fleet, a scientist from the NanoTrasen Corporation, a contractor working for your own gains, or a civilian who hopped along for the ride. A frontier is a dangerous place, however, and all sorts of horrible things can happen to you. Spies, saboteurs, hostile aliens, dangerous computer programs, and people with seemingly supernatural abilities. Accidents happen, and it's a very thin barrier that holds the uncaring, airless space at bay.


The rules for BS12 must be read before beginning the game. It is important that you read through the rules thoroughly before starting the game. You may find that the rules are different from most Space station 13 servers, and you should read them carefully. Many new players fail to read the rules and some simple mistakes such as leaving themselves in a locker when disconnecting can result in a ban. The rules are in place for legitimate reasons, read and follow them!

Warning: Failure to read and follow the rules will get you banned!

Joining the server

The BYOND client before logging in.

To join the server, you must first download the BYOND cilent. Once you have created an account and have installed BYOND, you can:

  • Connect to the server by clicking the "Play" button on the main BS12 website or
  • By adding the address (Ctrl+O while on the BYOND client) byond:// to your client to login manually.

This will automatically enter the game and present you with a "WELCOME" menu. Select Character Setup before joining the round - and if you haven't already, read the entirety of this guide.

Character setup

Character Creation Screen UI
An example of the character setup screen.

Before you can begin playing, you need to set up your character. You should take a look at the various lore pages to understand what kind of a world you are about to enter. You do not have to memorize everything! Just make sure you have read them once or twice to have an idea of how things work here. It is highly suggested to read through the entirety of the guide before creating a new character.

Here is a small guide on where to start:

  • For a general summary, see the page Beginner Lore
  • Events take place on the SEV Torch, an exploratory vessel mainly funded by the Sol Central Government and NanoTrasen.
  • The SEV Torch operates under the Sol Central Government Law.
  • The Standard Operating Procedure is a set of guidelines and procedures. They are not laws and the Commanding Officer can alter them as they see fit.
  • Read the General Regulations page to understand more about the ship's hierarchy and its customs.
  • In case of an emergency, see the alert procedures.
  • You can choose between three branches: Civilian, Expeditionary Corps, and the Fleet.
    • Civilians: Non-uniformed personnel, lowest on the ranking list.
      • Investors, entertainers, passengers. Passengers have nothing to do but in exchange, nothing is expected from them.
      • Contractors, sometimes belonging to a faction. They do regular jobs but without belonging to the Corps or to the Fleet.
      • SFP Agents, working only as Forensic Technicians.
      • Synthetics, such as robots and the AI, bound by their laws to serve the ship.
    • Expeditionary Corps: A non-military, uniformed organization focusing on science and exploration.
      • They are an excellent start if you want to play in a uniformed organization but you are not feeling ready for the Fleet yet.
      • The Torch mission is technically led by the Corps as the Commanding Officer is always a member of the Corps.
      • They are NOT only explorers, they can select jobs such as Engineer and Deck Technician too!
      • Regardless of your job, you might be called on an "away mission" as everyone in the Corps is technically an explorer. See the Guide to Exploration in case you find yourself on the Charon.
      • Read the How To Sol Gov Guide. While the Corps is generally laxer and saluting is rarely seen, they are still expected to know the drill and in some cases, follow it.
      • As they are a uniformed organization, see the Uniform Guide and try to create your character accordingly. Don't forget to take an EC cap from the loadout!
    • Fleet: The primary component of the Defence Forces.
      • It might seem to be a daunting task at first, but "military roleplay" (or milRP) can be extremely fun. Try to read all the guides below to get a smoother start in the Fleet!
      • It is advised to set your rank to Crewman Apprentice or to Crewman at first. Crewman Apprentices are not expected to know much if anything.
      • They are NOT only soldiers! They can select non-security jobs as well such as Corpsman and Cook too!
      • The How To Sol Gov Guide covers how you should or should not act. Pay extra attention to its Behavior section.
      • Check out the Uniform Guide. The Utility uniform is what you will wear most of the time.
      • They are subject to the Sol Code of Military Justice.
Note: It is always suggested to observe a round before attempting to play. This will allow you to get a hold of whats expected of you when you get on the ship and you can ask questions in deadchat (dchat) about the current round. (Do not ask questions about the current round in OOC or LOOC! It is against the rules.)


First and most importantly, Baystation 12 is considered a roleplay server. You should remain in character as much as possible and only use the OOC or LOOC channels if you need to speak to someone else in a manner that does not fit your character or the game. That being said there are very few limitations on how you should act in-character so long as you are not breaking any of the server rules.

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