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Keep the server and forums running, as well as manage the staff overall, devs included. Ensure staff follows the rules. This includes running staff meetings at the beginning of every month in IRC.


Head Administrator

Lead the admin team. Keep the server and staff oriented in the direction they want to go. Investigate and make rulings on admin and moderator complaints. The penultimate authority in all ban appeals, complaints, staff applications and anything else requiring administrator input. Investigates staff complaints about Senior Administrators. Has the final say on Dev features from a server direction standpoint. Also ensures the Host follows the staff rules and stays active. Has server config and forum powers. Re-elected every four months.

Head Developer

Make new and amazing features. Work with the Head Administrator and Dev team to keep new features in line with server direction. Keep the Dev cycle running smoothly. Ensure new features don't break the server. Select new Developers. Has the final say on a Dev features from a code standpoint.

Senior Administrators

Limited to three. Settle staff disputes in the absence of a Head. Investigate staff complaints and ban requests. Train Trial Administrators Take some workload off of the Head Administrator. Handle requests for notes from players. Manage individual areas of responsibility. Ensure the Head Administrator follows staff rules and stays active. With the seconding of another Admin or Senior Admin, can call for a staff vote of confidence in the Headmin. If there is a majority against the Headmin, a Headmin election will take place. Nominated and elected after every Headmin Election.

  • ThatOneGuy (Community Moderation) Leads the Forum and IRC moderator teams. Approve forum/IRC rule changes. Make final decision on contentious reports. Ensure the forum and IRC are welcoming and people remain civil. Keep the spambots at bay. Select forum and IRC moderators.
  • Daaneesh (Staff Applications) Process staff applications. Manage trial moderators and administrators. Oversee trial periods and votes on prospective staff. Open applications when more staff are required. Make sure new staff are trained well and are active during trial periods.
  • Raptor1628 (Lore Master) Manage Species Maintainers. Moderate fluff suggestion forum. Approve or deny fluff and colony suggestions. Transfer approved fluff to the wiki. Manage wiki. Process custom item applications. Lead discussion for major fluff points to come up with fluff that fits the server, and is liked by the community. Build an immersive universe.


Handle discipline and rule enforcement on the server. Act as RP guides. Investigate and handle player complaints. Train Moderators. Handle Ahelps. Run the occasional event to encourage RP.


Make new and amazing features. Ensure features proposed by players, devs, and the administration are feasible. Approve and deny pull requests and manage our git repo. Act as a Mod+ on the server. Investigate rule violations and inform admins. Cannot ban. Attempt to handle major bugs in-round if possible.


Take some workload off of Admins. Investigate rule violations and inform admins. Act as RP Guides. Answer player questions. Greet new players and direct to rules. Ensure rules aren't being broken. Cannot ban, but able to kick griefers as a last resort if no other staff are able to help.

Community Moderators

Handle discipline and rule enforcement on Baystation's IRC channels, Discord, and Forums. Responsible for general management of these areas.

Species Maintainers

Tajara Species Maintainer

Skrell Species Maintainer

Resomi Species Maintainer

IPC Species Maintainer

Vox Species Maintainer

Unathi Species Maintainer


People who have retired from Administrative or Developer activities.

The Retired Staff Page