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While many sports from the 21st century remain popular, especially on Earth and habitable colony worlds, the advent of specially-designed vatgrown teams (and later IPCs) have resulted in a boom of high-intensity, high-danger spectator sports. While these so-called bloodsports are considered somewhat controversial within SolGov, who makes feeble attempts to curb their excesses, their population in the Terran Confederacy and new colony worlds makes it clear that they are here to stay

Galactic Organization of Zero-Gravity Racing

The Goozer is a trans-stellar entertainment organization meant for extreme high speed, zero-G racing. They were founded in the Sol Central Government, and although initially they only held human races with 'low-speed' vehicles, they have since branched out to include xeno/machine racers. To accomplish these races, there are two important parts of a race. The track, and a M2-ZG.

Tracks are normally on different colonized worlds with atmosphere, although there are some out in 'The Wilds' as they're called. They tend to stretch at the least three hundred miles, often in a loop. These can be in any direction, upwards, underground, upside down some even taking place in low orbit.

The M2-ZG (Otherwise known as Light Runners,) are a heavily-customization class of HVV (High Velocity Vehicle) developed in 2400. They have different looks, some appearing like spacefighters, some appearing like bikes. None have wheels, they all have in-built hovering capabilities and thrusters. All are enclosed, as the sheer speed at which they travel would certainly liquefy the pilot if they were not. At current technology, the highest speed an M2-ZG has ever achieved was 1300 MPH (#72, Lil' Anne in the fourth season of the 2449 GOOZR League), although normally their speeds lay at 916 mph. The pilots of these mechanical speeders tend to be extremely experienced, having reaction speeds almost as quick as some machines. Normally they come with built-in HUDs, and tractor bolts designed to slow other vehicles. However, these are disabled in most races. They are not fit for long-distance space travel, or for interstellar travel, normally getting to each race in carrier ships.

The racers all tend to be quite young, as reaction speeds drop later in life. They tend to customize their vehicles and their outfits to extreme degrees. Some racers opt to cybernetically augment themselves, (referred to as Cybers). Although some racers view these augments as 'unfair', much like IPC racers, the GOOZR allows them in most leagues.

Many people across the galaxy tune in to these programs, although the GOOZR has faced criticism for the relatively high mortality rate and how unsafe the M2-ZGs are. There are different forms of race, including races featuring custom-built M2-ZGs with artificial intelligences installed.


As it is a vastly more complex sport, information about the sport can be found at Murderball