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Sol Central Government

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Defense Forces: Confederation
===Defense Forces===
The SCG Defense Forces consist of an Army, for operations on planets, moons, or larger planetoids, and a Fleet, including a Marine component, responsible for operations in space, aboard habitats or vessels, and the gateway network. The Fleet is by far the larger component, composed of dozens of larger vessels like carriers and cruisers, a few massive battlecruisers and supercarriers, and hundreds of smaller vessels and strike craft. There are five standing Fleets under Fleet Command, they are spread throughout security details and patrols. The Army is smaller, and only maintains minimal troop numbers at any given time. Units used to be composed of integrated forces, made up of military personnel from across the member states, as well as SCG citizens serving permanently or temporarily in the Defense Forces, with member states rotating their forces in and out of use as needed. However, with the increase in the number of SCG citizens, and general paranoia relating to the ConfederacyConfederation, the Assemblies voted to restrict service in the Defense Forces to SCG citizens, preventing conflicts of interest among different colonial groups. In the event of a major peacekeeping operation all members are still required to offer military aid, but with their own individual units instead of general numbers. SGDF are rarely seen in large numbers outside of Sol and its immediate neighbors. Typically any outpost in a hostile area, or on the border of human space and its Xeno-Sapient neighbors, will have a small contingent for protection. Every gateway in SCG territory has a crew running traffic control operations, and a ship or two protecting the gate itself. The closer you get to the inner systems, the more presence you'll see of the SGDF. Mostly smaller ships doing customs work and patrolling trade corridors. Only on two occasions has the SGDF been mobilized for a major peacekeeping operation, both in response to major sapient rights violations on non member worlds. Occasionally a member world will request aid in dealing with unrest, a riot, or piracy problems, and smaller missions will be tasked to deal with them.
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