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Sol Central Government

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Political parties: Confederacy to Confederation
! Progressive Alliance of Citizens
| Made up of center, center-left, and left-wing parties. Pro-integration of aliens, generally against increasing funding for the military. Mixture between being anti-megacorp and pro-megacorp. Not for colonization. Very much against the ConfederacyConfederation. Very large, so popular just about everywhere.
! Solarians for Freedom & Rights
! Sol of Nations & Order
| Made up of right-wing to far-right parties. Very xenophobic, pro-military, for more colonization. Split between leaving the Confederacy Confederation and starting another war to try and seize “what is rightfully SCG’s.” Sometimes anti-capitalist. Almost always pro-colonization and in some cases pro-war with other nations, some even advocating a form of "legal war" between member states to settle disputes. Quite popular on the frontier and prisons.
! United Green-Left of Sol

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