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Sol Central Government

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[[File:Sol Gov Flag.png|thumb|right|The Sol Central Government Flag]]'''The Sol Central Government''' - commonly referred to as SolGov or SCG, is a federal republic composed of numerous human states across many solar systems, which governs the majority of human space. Its primary governing bodies are the Assemblies, which are in turn led by a secretary-general, who is elected by the assemblies. Member states have a great degree of freedom in their actions, while the SCG manages sapient rights, security, the economy, and diplomacy for humanity as a whole. It has a diverse population, including many non-humans, and encompasses a wide range of systems, territories, habitats, and stellar bodies. The Sol Central Government and its member states make up one of the more advanced and powerful civilizations in the known galaxy.
[[File:Sol Gov Flag.png|thumb|right|The Sol Central Government Flag]]
When Humanity first started colonizing the Solar System, it was under the banner of the Old Earth, nation-states like China, America, and India planted their flags in the dirt of planets and moons throughout the system. Shortly behind them, the private corporations followed, establishing corporate outposts and research stations away from the prying eyes of Earth. As the situation on Earth deteriorated, the colonies funded by corporations grew more powerful in the absence of oversight, and the colonies that eventually lost contact with their parent nation-states were left on their own. While some withered, being forced to fend for themselves, and others disappeared entirely, the strongest banded together and started to form some of the settlements and governments that we know so well today. As the flow of people from Earth grew, so did the settlements that had survived.

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