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Sol Central Government

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===Colonial Assembly===
The colonial assembly open to any extrasolar state with a human population of over 500,000 in one system. That includes any states on a planet or moon, a union of smaller states under one banner, or even an entire allied system. Any corporation headquartered in Sol may also gain membership of the Colonial Assembly. In 2547, a radical group of Skrell separatists applied for membership in the Colonial Assembly, they were denied in order to maintain a positive relationship with the Skrell, but it sparked a debate over theoretically allowing Xeno-Sapients into SolGov in the future that has not been resolved to date. Six seats on the Colonial Assembly belong to elected representatives from the Solar Assembly, which typically change every year. While the ability to approve major military action rests with the Solar Assembly, the Colonial Assembly may veto such an action with a majority vote of more than 2/3 of the members, though this hasn't occurred yet. Organizations containing human members, but not eligible or desiring to sit on the Colonial Assembly may request observer status. The Free Trade Union is one of the most respected of the observers, due to its influence in a large swathe of human population, and it has been suggested on multiple occasions, without result, that they be given voting status, despite their lack of borders or centralized organization.
===Political parties===
There are a number of different political parties in the government. The major parties are listed below:
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! Party
! Description
! Citizens for Free Enterprise & Trade'''
| A party made entirely of "bought" politicians, the CFET has a single goal: money. If something can somehow give transtellar corporations more money, then they will no doubt support. Quite frankly, they might even be behind it. Few member states have many people who support the CFET.
! Leftists for Direct Democracy & Freedom
| Made up of far-left to “post-left” parties. Authoritarian socialists, Neo-Jucheists, Stalinist-Maoist-Castroist-Marcosists. Always anti-capitalist. Believes in getting rid of the military. Does not like this style of democracy. Against member state autonomy. Against further colonization. Generally more popular on the frontier.
! Progressive Alliance of Citizens
| Made up of center, center-left, and left-wing parties. Pro-integration of aliens, generally against increasing funding for the military. Mixture between being anti-megacorp and pro-megacorp. Not for colonization. Very much against the Confederacy. Very large, so popular just about everywhere.
! Solarians for Freedom & Rights
| Made up of center-right to right-wing parties. Pro-federalism (i.e, more general autonomy for member states), generally pro-religion, pro-human rights. Mildly xenophobic. Very large, so popular just about everywhere.
! Sol of Nations & Order
| Made up of right-wing to far-right parties. Very xenophobic, pro-military, for more colonization. Split between leaving the Confederacy and starting another war to try and seize “what is rightfully SolGov’s.” Sometimes anti-capitalist. Almost always pro-colonization and in some cases pro-war with other nations, some even advocating a form of "legal war" between member states to settle disputes. Quite popular on the frontier and prisons.
! United Green-Left of Sol
| Made up of left to far-left parties. Believes in letting aliens within Sol space vote, believes in automatic citizenship granted to anyone within Sol space longer than a year. Against funding the military a lot. Generally anti-capitalist. In general, against megacorps and further colonization. Popular on certain planets within Sol.

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