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Sol Central Government

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===Solar Assembly===
The Solar Assembly is what's left of the founding body. Any sovereign state in the Solar System with a human population of over 50,000 is eligible for membership, though two members with smaller populations remain from the original SCGB. In addition, any extrasolar states with a human population of over one billion on one body, planetary, lunar, or otherwise, is eligible for membership, though an extrasolar member hasn't been accepted in decades. While currently, Corporations based in Sol are only eligible for membership in the Colonial Assembly, a few minor corporations from the time of the SCGB remain, including [[Aether_Atmospherics_and_Recycling|Aether Atmospherics]]. While none of the nation-states of Earth are on the Solar Assembly, and likely won't be any time soon due to stigma and the inability to control their own borders, several do sit on the Assembly as observers. The Solar Assembly manages affairs within Sol and its largest neighbors, Tau Ceti and Centuari included. While any member of the Solar or Colonial Assemblies can propose a a peacekeeping operation, or major aid mission, only the Solar Assembly can approve it. Due to the size of both assemblies, votes are majority based.
===Colonial Assembly===

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