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Sol Central Government

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Member states are generally left to their own devices and manage their own internal affairs, so long as they comply with SCG law and the Charter, with matters of local government, representation and non-Sol laws and ordinances being their domain. However, each member state is expected to contribute to the SCG budget, and those with a population above 100,000 are expected to maintain their own Planetary Defence Forces separate from the SCG [[Defence Forces]], though able to be integrated into it during times of war.
Sol control and influence is prevalent, however, with all affairs, operations, law and government matters in the void between worlds, gateways and smaller outposts being under its direct governance. In addition to this, any SCG facilities and installations within a member state are under the direct control of the SCG itself. For the majority of member states, the SCG represents itself in the form of a DF Garrison or Fleet detachment, hospitals, aid and education facilities and [[OCIE|SFP]] offices.
While the SCG does not typically interfere in local matters and negotiations between member states, it alone is responsible for any external negotiations.
== Military ==
Unlike historic Earth's United Nations, the SCG maintains its own standing police and military forces under the aegis of the Committee of Defense and Security (CDS). The CDS is also responsible for managing intelligence, counterterrorism, and border security in SCG territory. While accusations of abuse by internal security are nothing new, internal tensions lie at an all-time high due to the current cold war with the GCC. Communications traffic is heavily monitored, gateways and space lanes are heavily guarded, and pilots who stray too close to sensitive SCG assets can expect to be detained indefinitely. Though the most visible parts of the CDS are the Defense Forces and the OCIESFP, the CDS also manages the Office of Interstellar Intelligence, the Bureau of Counterterrorism, the Assembly Security Agency, the Emergency Management Bureau, the Emergency Rescue Service, the Bureau of Border Security, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Bureau of Corrections, and the Home Guard.
=== Defense Forces ===

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