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Sol Central Government

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=== Solar Senate ===
The Solar Senate embodies much of the former inner colonies of the Terran Commonwealth and the barrier for entry is far higher. The Senate is responsible for acting as a check on the Assembly and the Secretary-General. Senators are also responsible for forming and chairing committees, which are responsible for monitoring, quality control and setting policy on the aspect for which they are responsible. The Senate is also, without the input of the Assembly, able to direct the deployment of the SCG Defence Forces for peacekeeping operations, though not declare war. Unlike the Assembly, which merely requires a population, membership in the senate is limited to planetary bodies, with each planet sending three elected senators. A rare exception to this is the various moons of the Sol system, which also elect senators. Corporations may not participate in the Senate. The Senate is often seen as a more professional political body, and the nature of their work places each senator under intense scrutiny. It is also the senate that elects one of its number as the Secretary-General, who functions as the government's chief executive.
=== Solar Assembly ===

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