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Sol Central Government

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Following the establishment of government funded outposts on the Moon and Mars in the late 21st century, further colonisation of the Sol system and beyond was initially carried out by well-funded corporate and private investment groups, leading to a great many early colonies being founded for profit, with loose oversight from [[Earth]] governments and agencies. As Earth in the mid-22nd century began to enter a period of great strife and upheaval, many of these colonies began to lose support and assistance from the planet. Now forced to defend for themselves, these now-independent colonies began to struggle or collapse outright. The more viable colonies maintained trade and mutual assistance agreements with each other, fostering the beginning of a wider human community that did not involve Earth.
In the 23rd 22nd century, recognising their now-limited influence on the galactic scale and general irrelevance to the wider human galactic community, the fragmented old Earth nation-states came together under a single banner, one Earth government, branding itself the Terran Commonwealth. In an effort to re-consolidate power and bring the myriad of independent colonies back under their influence, the Commonwealth began reestablishing an overarching government in the Sol system and many colonies beyond. This was not without issues, however, as a great many colonies were resistant and felt little loyalty to Earth. An opposing faction was formed, called the Ares Confederation. An alliance of convenience between numerous groups and ideologies, the Confederation sought to limit the Commonwealth's influence. Following years of war the Confederation collapsed, and the Terran Commonwealth looked to further consolidate itself and rebuild. The war took a toll on the Sol system, leading to a number of crucial resource shortages, and the Commonwealth's focus became one of exploration and expansion.
In the early 25th 23rd century, the Terran Commonwealth, having established a great many colonies and outposts, saw a large-scale restructuring to account for its new position on the galactic stage, with the government being renamed to the Sol Central Government and a relocation of the capital to Olympus, [[Mars]]; this cemented the Red Planet's status as an economic, military and scientific powerhouse in the years of peace following the war.
The present day sees expansionism and colonisation slowing somewhat, with the vast frontier of human space now becoming difficult to maintain and control. In spite of this, many other human groups, governments and organisations have spread beyond the territory of the SCG and humanity continues to thrive. Humanity has met a number of alien species, some friendly, such as the [[Skrell]] and [[Unathi]], and others, such as the [[Vox]], being seen as a threat and a menace. The SCG struggles internally as its massive, somewhat ineffective bureaucracy and cold war with the nearby [[Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation]] begin to place a strain on it.
=== Charter ===
Signed at the founding of the SCG on the 12th of November, 2436 2229 and put into effect on January 1st, 2437 2230 by the Terran Commonwealth, its member states, a number of other human colonies and some corporations at the Geneva Administration Complex, Earth, the Charter is both the founding treaty and constitution of the SCG. The Charter defines both the layout, function and powers of the SCG, gives credence and authority to its laws, and sets out how member states are to be treated. All new human states wishing to join the SCG must ratify the Charter and follow it, with failure to do so risking massive economic sanctions or expulsion.
=== Solar Senate ===

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