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Sol Central Government

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Theoretically, the governance of the SCG is meant to be simple and scalable. In practice, this is debatable. Representation and legislative power rests in the hands of the Assembly and the Senate. With the assembly functioning as a lower house and the senate the upper. The secretary-general, elected and a member of the Senate, serves an eight year term and functions as the Chief Executive of the SCG. The Secretary General has wide ranging powers and authorities to conduct their business and oversees the various committees and departments that make up the government.
The SCG mainly acquires its revenue in the form of a flat one percent progressive income tax on the income of every SCG citizen, with rates ranging from 1% to 15%, depending on ones wealth, as well as corporation and trade taxes. Other sources of revenue include rental of infrastructure and communications systems, as well as revenue and taxation on gateway usage, all of which are owned by the SCG.
Member states are generally left to their own devices and manage their own internal affairs, so long as they comply with SCG law and the charter, with matters of local government, representation and non-sol laws and ordinances being their domain. However, each member state is expected to contribute to the SCG budget, and those with a population above 100,000 are expected to maintain their own planetary defence forces separate from the SCG DF, though able to be integrated into it during times of war.

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