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Sol Central Government

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[[File:Sol Gov Flag.png|thumb|right|The Sol Central Government Flag]]The '''Sol Central Government,''' commonly referred to as '''SolGov''' or the '''SCG,''' is a federal republic composed of numerous human member states spanning many systems. The SCG governs the majority of human space. Its with the primary governing bodies are being the Assembly and the Senate, which are led by an Assemblya Senate-elected, Senate ratified secretary general. Membership to in the SCG is automatically granted to any colonies established inside or outside of the Sol systemhuman colony requesting it. Member states have a great degree of freedom in their actions, though the SCG manages sapient rights, domestic security, economic policy, and diplomacy for humanity as a whole. The SCG's population is diverse, including many non-humans and encompassing a wide range of systems, territories, habitats, and celestial bodies. Through its member states, the SCG governs as one of the most advanced and powerful civilizations in the known galaxy.
== History ==
While the SCG does not typically interfere in local matters and negotiations between member states, it alone is responsible for any external negotiations.
There are a number of [[SCG Organisations]], those being departments operated by the Sol Central Government, that encompass a variety of functions, specialisations and areas, ranging from diplomatic services to law enforcement.and Exploration (as seen by the [[Expeditionary Corps]]
=== Charter ===
=== Solar Assembly ===
The Assembly, the largest group,consists of elected representatives from every single SCG planet, orbital installation group, gateway, and corporate entities with a population exceeding 100,000 persons, with four representatives per 100,000 persons. The assembly is a place of political infighting, backpedalling, manipulation and intrigue with a low bar for entry and limited restrictions on assemblymen. The assembly is overseen by the speaker, who is responsible for setting the schedule, and mediating discussion and enforcement of protocol. The assembly may draft, submit and forward legislation and motions which, when passed, must then be ratified and voted upon by the Solar Senate, before being signed by the Secretary-General. Outside of their putting forth legislation and voting, assemblymen often partake in tours, inspections and observation of a myraid myriad of SCG departments, groups, projects and facilities, forming observer committees. The assembly is also able to veto acts of the Senate, but only with a 66 percent majority.
=== Political Parties ===
== Military ==
Unlike historic Earth's United Nations, the SCG maintains its own standing police and military forces under the aegis of the Committee of Defense and Security (CDS). The CDS is also responsible for managing intelligence, counterterrorism, and border security in SCG territory. While accusations of abuse by internal security are nothing new, internal tensions lie at an all-time high due to the current cold war with the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation (GCC). Communications traffic is heavily monitored, gateways and space lanes are heavily guarded, and pilots who stray too close to sensitive SCG assets can expect to be detained indefinitely. Though the most visible parts of the CDS are the Defense Forces and the Colonial Marshal BureauOCIE, the CDS also manages the Office of Interstellar Intelligence, the Bureau of Counterterrorism, the Assembly Security Agency, the Emergency Management Bureau, the Emergency Rescue Service, the Bureau of Border Security, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Bounty Office, the Bureau of Corrections, and the Home Guard.
=== Defense Forces ===
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The SCG [[Defence Forces|Defense Forces]] consist consists of the SCG Army and the SCG Fleet. The army handles operations on planets, moons, or larger planetoids, while the Fleet, along with its Marine CorpsArsmen, holds responsibility for operations in space, aboard habitats or vessels, and within the gateway network.
[[The Fleet]] is by far the larger component, comprised of a handful of massive battlecruisers and supercarriers, dozens of medium vessels like carriers and cruisers, and hundreds of smaller vessels and strike craft. Five standing fleets operate under Fleet Command; they are spread throughout SCG space undertaking security details and patrols.
[[Defence Forces#The Army|The Army]] is smaller and maintains minimal troop numbers during peacetime. In the past, the Army was an integrated force comprised of military personnel from across the member states serving alongside SCG citizensregular forces. However, with following a reorganization of the recent increase in SCG citizen population, as well as increased paranoia relating to army shortly before the (GCC)Gaia Conflict, the Assemblies voted Army during war now directly integrates planetary PDF's as-needed to restrict service in the Defense Forces to SCG citizens to prevent conflicts of interest amongst the colonies. In the event of a major military conflict requiring member state assistancebolster their forces, any non-citizen units would remain segregated from SCG citizen forcesmoving them under an integrated command until peace is achieved.
Large concentrations of SCG defense forces are seldom seen outside of the Sol system territories and its immediate neighbors, though outposts in hostile areas or on past the border of SCG space typically retain a small garrison. Every gateway in SCG territory has a crew running traffic control operations, as well as a ship or two number of vessels protecting the gate itself. Smaller, faster vessels perform customs work and patrol trade corridors. SCG military presence increases with proximity to the inner systems. Only on two occasions have SCG defense forces been mobilized for a major peacekeeping operation, with both operations occurring in response to gross violations of sapient rights in non-member states. Occasionally, lighter forces are tasked to assist member states requesting aid in managing crime or civil unrest.
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