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Sol Central Government

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[[File:Sol Gov Flag.png|thumb|right|The Sol Central Government Flag]]The '''Sol Central Government,''' commonly referred to as '''SolGov''' or the '''SCG,''' is a federal republic composed of numerous human member states spanning many systems. The SCG governs the majority of human space. Its primary governing bodies are the AssembliesAssembly and the Senate, which are led by an Assembly-elected , Senate ratified secretary general. Membership to the SCG is automatically granted to any colonies established inside or outside of the Sol system. Member states have a great degree of freedom in their actions, though the SCG manages sapient rights, domestic security, economic policy, and diplomacy for humanity as a whole. The SCG's population is diverse, including many non-humans and encompassing a wide range of systems, territories, habitats, and celestial bodies. Through its member states, the SCG governs as one of the most advanced and powerful civilizations in the known galaxy.
== History ==
Humanity first began colonizing Following the establishment of government funded colonies on the moon and Mars in the late 21st century further colonisation of the Sol system under the banner of nation state superpowers such as Chinaand beyond was initially carried out by well funded corporate and private investment groups, Indialeading to a great many early colonies being founded for profit, and America. As the situation on with loose oversight from [[Earth]] deteriorated, corporate-funded offworld colonies grew powerful governments and agencies. As Earth in the absence mid 22nd century began to enter a period of oversight. One by onegreat strife and upheaval, many of these colonies previously reliant on Earth nation states began to gain independence or dissolvelose support and assistance from the planet. Forced Now forced to fend defend for themselves, some these now independent colonies withered while others disappeared entirelybegan to struggle or collapse outright. The more economically self-sufficient viable colonies maintained communication amongst themselves, creating mutually beneficial trade and mutual assistance agreements and allianceswith each other, fostering the beginning of a wider human community that did not involve Earth.
Over timeIn the 23rd century, recognising their now limited influence on the galactic scale and general irrelevance to the wider human galactic community, the fragmented old Earth's fractured population managed to put aside its differences to unify nation states came together under a single banner, an one Earth-based government called , branding itself as the Terran Commonwealth. Eager In an effort to re-consolidate its power, and bring the myriad of independent colonies back under their influence the Terran Commonwealth attempted to reassert control over its long-isolated began reestablishing an overarching government in the Sol system and many coloniesbeyond. This was not without issues, but was met with resistance. Numerous however, as a great many colonies banded together were resistant and felt little loyalty to form Earth. An opposing faction was formed, called the Ares Confederation, an . An alliance opposed to any of convenience between numerous groups and all Terran Commonwealth infringement on colonial independence. War broke outideologies, fought by several factions loosely tied the confederation sought to various ideologies of limit the pastCommonwealths influence. After Following years of interstellar combatwar the confederation collapsed, and the Terran Commonwealth regained control of the solar systemlooked to further consolidate itself and rebuild. Faced with The war took a war weary populace and depleted natural resources, the Terran Commonwealth turned its attention to exploration beyond toll on the Sol system. Upon establishing , leading to a network number of extrasolar outpostscrucial resource shortages, and the Terran Commonwealth formally renamed itself to the Sol Central Government and relocated its capital to the foremost scientific 's focus became one of exploration and martial powerhouse in the system—[[Mars]]expansion.
In the present dayearly 25th century, the Terran Commonwealth, having established a great many colonies and outposts, saw a great restructuring to account for its new position on the galactic stage, extrasolar colonization continues at with the government being renamed to the Sol Central Government and a rapid pacerelocation of the capital to Olympus, on [[Mars]], with humanity constantly stretching onward the red planet having become an economic, military and outward into scientific powerhouse in the years of peace following the galaxywar.  The SCG shepherds present day sees expansionism and colonisation slowing somewhat, with the children vast frontier of Earthhuman space now becoming difficult to maintain and control. In spite of this many other human groups, helping governments and organisations have spread beyond the territory of the SCG and humanity continues to defend colonies from thrive. Humanity has met a number of alien species, some friendly, such as the predatory [[VoxSkrell]] while maintaining relations with the benevolent and [[SkrellUnathi]] and with others, such as the primitive [[UnathiVox]]being seen as a threat and a menace. Gateways The SCG struggles internally as its massive, somewhat ineffective bureaucracy and cold war with the nearby [[bluespaceGilgamesh Colonial Confederation]] drives allow humans begin to spread further and faster than ever beforeplace a strain on it.
== Territory ==

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