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Sol Central Government

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Over time, Earth's fractured population managed to put aside its differences to unify under a single banner, an Earth-based government called the Terran Commonwealth. Eager to consolidate its power, the Terran Commonwealth attempted to reassert control over its long-isolated colonies, but was met with resistance. Numerous colonies banded together to form the Ares Confederation, an alliance opposed to any and all Terran Commonwealth infringement on colonial independence. War broke out, fought by several factions loosely tied to various ideologies of the past. After years of interstellar combat, the Terran Commonwealth regained control of the solar system. Faced with a war weary populace and depleted natural resources, the Terran Commonwealth turned its attention to exploration beyond the Sol system. Upon establishing a network of extrasolar outposts, the Terran Commonwealth formally renamed itself to the Sol Central Government and relocated its capital to the foremost scientific and martial powerhouse in the system—[[Mars]].
In the present day, extrasolar colonization continues at a rapid pace, with humanity constantly stretching onward and outward into the galaxy. The SCG shepherds the children of Earth, helping to defend colonies from the predatory [[Vox]] while maintaining relations with the benevolent [[Skrell]], the spiritual [[Tajara]] and the primitive [[Unathi]]. Gateways and [[bluespace]] drives allow humans to spread further and faster than ever before.
== Territory ==

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