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Sol Central Government

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The SCG Assemblies form a basis for diplomacy and trade across human space. Under the leadership of their elected secretary general, the Assemblies navigate economic agreements, mining and environmental concerns, and matters of sapient rights. For example, during the Synthetic Intelligence Crisis of 2558, both the Solar and Colonial Assemblies declared posibrains to be sapient and therefore protected by the Universal Declaration of Rights. The bulk of the SCG's revenue comes from corporate taxes, as well as fees for the use of its gateways, communication systems, and secure trade routes. Dues are of course higher for non-members.
While member states manage their own internal affairs, gateways and the space between states remain under the jurisdiction of the SCG. Additionally, any SCG personnel and installations within a member state are considered immune from local law. On most colonies and space stations, the SCG manifests itself in the form of aid missions, hospitals, and schools. Though the many organizations of the SCG are primarily comprised of human SCG citizens, non-member states often send their own personnel to apply and gain experience through service. In space, the SCG protects gateways and establishes navigational beacons in nebulae, and on frontier worlds, the SCG's Colonial Marshals track down fugitives. While the SCG does not govern legal interactions between individual member states, it is permitted by its charter to negotiate with other political entities, human or otherwise, on behalf of its members.  There are a number of [[SCG Organisations]], those being departments operated by the Sol Central Government, that perform a myriad of specialised tasks, ranging from the diplomatic service to law enforcement.

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