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Sol Central Government

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The colonial assembly is open to any extrasolar state with a human population of over 500,000 in one system. Included are any states on a planet or moon, a union of smaller states under one banner, or even an entire allied system. Corporations headquartered in the Sol system may also gain membership to the Colonial Assembly. Six seats on the Colonial Assembly belong to elected representatives from the Solar Assembly, which change every year. While the ability to approve major SCG action rests with the Solar Assembly, the Colonial Assembly may veto such actions with a 66 percent majority vote, though such an event has yet to occur. Majority-human organizations not eligible or desiring to sit on the Colonial Assembly may request observer status. The Free Trade Union is among the most respected observers due to its high influence in human populations. It has been suggested on multiple occasions, without result, that the Free Trade Union be granted voting status despite their lack of borders or physical government presence.
In 2547, a group of radical Skrellian separatists applied for membership to the Colonial Assembly, but were denied entrance to maintain a positive relationship with the Skrell. The issue sparked a debate over allowing xenosapients into the SCG; the debate has not been formally resolved.
===Political Parties===

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