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Sol Central Government

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[[File:MapSol.png|thumb|right|Map of the SCG]]
When humans first started colonizing the Solar System, it was under the banner of nation-states like China, America, and India. As the situation on [[Earth]] deteriorated, the colonies funded by corporations grew more powerful in the absence of oversight. Colonies that relied on the nation-states would either gain independence or dissolve. While some withered, being forced to fend for themselves, others disappeared entirely - the more economically well-off began creating alliances and started to form some larger settlements and governments in the Sol solar system.
As colonization continued in bordering systems, and time passed, and humanity continued to stretch out into the stars. SCG shepherded the peoples of Earth, continuing and creating treaties with the [[Skrell|Skrell]], making the first contact with the [[Unathi|Unathi]], and defending humanity from the [[Vox|Vox]]. Gateways and [[Bluespace]] drives allow Humans to spread further and faster than ever before.
== Territory ==
[[File:MapSol.png|thumb|right|Map of the SCG]]
The Sol Central Government is the largest sovereign nation under the control of Humanity. The SCG encompasses 19 systems. Their territory reaches as far as 28 lightyears from Sol, and they have influence in independent systems far beyond that as well. The SCG holds direct control over 13 habitable systems and numerous colonies within those systems. Additionally, the SCG maintains a number of permanently-habitable installations on uninhabitable worlds or in space. However, the population of these artificial habitats is negligible.
While [[Moghes]] is within the borders of the Sol Central Government, it is not a member-state and remains under the independent governance of the Unathi. However, the SCG does maintain orbital installations in the system, and, with the relatively primitive technology of the Unathi, there has yet to be significant opposition to these installations.

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