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Sol Central Government

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History: earth lonk
[[File:Sol Gov Flag.png|thumb|right|The Sol Central Government Flag]]
When humans first started colonizing the Solar System, it was under the banner of nation-states like China, America, and India. As the situation on [[Earth ]] deteriorated, the colonies funded by corporations grew more powerful in the absence of oversight. Colonies that relied on the nation-states would either gain independence or dissolve. While some withered, being forced to fend for themselves, others disappeared entirely - the more economically well-off began creating alliances and started to form some larger settlements and governments in the Sol solar system.
Earth, eventually regaining it's former power, formed the Terran Commonwealth. When the Commonwealth attempted to reassert it's power over the colonies, a war broke out. Independent colonies formed the Ares Confederation, opposed to the Terran Commonwealth's attempt to regain control of the solar system. The war was fought by several factions, loosely tied to various ideologies of the past. After some years of intense interstellar combat, the Terran Commonwealth would regain control of the solar system. Forced to control a large amount of colonies, and depleting resource values, the Terran Commonwealth would then focus on exploration of solar systems beyond Sol.

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