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These are suits that, along with a Space Helmet, can protect you from a lack of pressure, fire, and radiation. Not wearing one of these out in space will almost definitely lead to your demise. Most departments have their own suits designed for them, making it easy to distinguish where the wearer belongs to.

In emergency, open the nearest O2locker.png locker and suit up, unless you have access to a voidsuit, which is superior.

For further information about RIG Suits (more commonly known as Hardsuits), click here.


Space suit
Found in: EVA and blue O2 lockers around station.
Used for: Going to space and emergencies.
Strategy: Provides protection against vacuum and fire, but there's no protection against attacks.
A big, bulky, astronaut suit.


Mining Hardsuit.png
Mining voidsuit
Found in: Mining Station.
Used for: Vacuum protection.
Strategy: It's impossible to mine without one of these.
Real laborer's hardsuit.

Engineer Hardsuit.png
Engineering voidsuit
Found in: Engineering.
Used for: Vacuum protection.
Strategy: It can protect against vacuum, fire and have light armor protection.
Station engineer's basic uniform. Used primarily for fixing breaches.

Atmospherics Hardsuit.png
Atmospherics voidsuit
Found in: Atmospherics.
Used for: Repressurize the station.
Strategy: It has the same bonuses that the engineering suit gives.
Used for repressurizing the station.

CE Hardsuit.png
Advanced voidsuit
Found in: Chief Engineer's Office.
Used for: Used by the Chief Engineer to repressurize areas and to turn the engine on.
Strategy: Has more protection against brute, blasts and radiation than the regular engineering hardsuit.
A prototype hardsuit that has better protection than other hardsuits available.

Security Hardsuit.png
Security voidsuit
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Used for protecting the station when there is a major depressurization.
Strategy: It has damage protection like regular body armor.
Space Security for Space Criminals.
Medical Hardsuit.png
Medical voidsuit
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Medical Rescue.
Strategy: It's lighter than other hardsuits for fast rescue.Have disease protection
Used for rescuing someone in a low pressure area or rescuing a dead body in space that needs cloning.

Red Space Voidsuit
Found in: Can be ordered from Uplink Items by Traitors/Mercs.
Used for: Extra vehicular activities.
Strategy: Can be used to hide in space. Walking in one of these is faster than in normal space suits.
A red suit used for hiding in space or infiltrating the station.

NASA Voidsuit
Found in: Telecommunications Satellite.
Used for: Telecommunications maintenance.
Strategy: Protects from vacuum, fire, and radiation like an normal space suit, but it's as lightweight as the Engineering hardsuit.
In a bygone era, it was the basic space suit. Now it's used just for fixing problems on the Communication Satellite. It has an similarity with the space suit from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Emergency Response team hardsuit
Found in: Central Command.
Used for: Bringing the station back to survivable conditions.
Strategy: It can protect against fire, vacuum and against brute demage too!.
Basic ERT uniform. Comes in Command (blue), Medical (white), Security (red), and Engineering (yellow) variants.

Generic nukesyndie.png
Mercenary Hardsuit
Found in: Mercenary base.
Used for: Assaulting the station.
Strategy: Has moderate brute and burn damage protection.
A robust hardsuit used for hiding in space or infiltrating the station.