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SolGov Representative
Represent the SCG's interests on board the Torch. Keep the CO mission focused. Advise the CO and prisoners on Civil Law. Report back to the SCG.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Bridge
Related guides: Sol Central Government Law, Standard Operating Procedure, Sol Gov Military Justice, Alert Procedure

Purpose of this Guide

To share my style of playing this extremely enjoyable role, and perhaps change the general perception of the role as powerless - Which harms the role significantly, since all its power is RP-derived and therefore dependent on the other player's perception and meta-perception of the role.

My RP has generally received a good reception from players asked for their opinions OOC.

Note: This page includes high levels of subjectivity. Read at your own risk.

What to do Before Playing a SolGov Representative

  • Read the following pages
    • SolGov Representative for a good overview of the role.
    • Sol Central Government
    • Jobs if you follow this guide, much of your job will include checking up on different departments. Make sure you know what each job should and shouldn't be doing, at least loosely.
    • Example Paperwork much of this is useful to you to get whatever kind of formatting you might like. Often the forms from other jobs can be used, just swap the logo and some of the wording. Paperwork makes the Torch go!
    • A description of my SCGR
    • All of the related guides in the SCGR sidebar on this page. You need to be well informed about what everyone is and isn't allowed to do on the ship.

My SCGR's tropes

When playing my SCGR, I try to follow these tropes... with varying levels of success.

Internal Affairs

Manipulative Bastard

I try to fulfill the role of an Inspector General aboard the Torch.

Playing an SCGR

As a command role, the SCGR's primary purpose in a round is to create RP and events for others, much like the Corporate Liason. If you sit on the Bridge all round and only talk to the Captain and Bridge Officers, then you aren't getting the most out of the role by far.

These are some ideas for things to do in a round, when nothing else presents itself:

  • Department inspection Write a fax with your notes on and send it to the department head, CO and EXO. I've given out commendations to crew that are doing a particularly good job, recommended demotion, and pointed out where departments are making minor mistakes. (e.g. Charon lacked some critical supplies for an Exploration mission)
  • Many things can be considered 'First Contact' Often the CO may not wish to deal with the negotiation side of things. This is where you can step in and make a real difference to the round. Cultist Deity talking through its statues? Meet some colonists down on some hellhole exoplanet? Wizard snuck on board? Unknown raiders took some hostages? All of these things can be considered first contact and therefore are your domain as SCGR if you decide to take on the task.
  • Observe an exploration mission first hand Usually you can talk your way onto the Charon and go along on the Exploration mission - So long as you don't mess with the Explorer's actual business and just observe. This gives you some great variation in your rounds.
  • Offer to defend prisoners that aren't being treated properly Bug the CoS endlessly that they haven't actually filed warrants for that prisoner who has been held for an hour. Security runs on paperwork, and you have access to see it.
  • Write a SolGov directive for something One of my favourites is to use this to get a radio for a department I want to keep tabs on that round, like medical - Or insist on being given access to audit some systems.
  • Recruit a lackey No reason you can't have an assistant if there is a lot going on. Grab a passenger and write them a work visa, get someone to give them an access card to help you out with whatever you want. Make sure you give them things to do and you'll have helped someone else have an interesting round!

Remember that above all, your mission is to ensure that the SEV Torch is fulfilling its purpose of exploration and diplomacy. If it is not, then it is your job to fix that. This can be extended to all sorts of things, like pressuring Engineering to deal with some issue that is stopping the Torch from moving, annoying Research about what those anomalies do, bothering the Bridge Officers to find out why we're not moving yet. You have as much authority as you can convince other people you do.

Further to this, you may decide that you want to meddle a bit more than is appropriate. This is perfectly fine, you don't have to play a SCGR that is perfect at their job. Convince people what you're doing is within your powers. You cannot order people to do things, but through well-executed RP and force of personality, suggestions can do the trick.

You are an important person aboard the ship. If people ignore you, be persistent - You have every right to know what is going on and why.

Problems with the SCGR Role

  • Very little mechanical power All you really have is your access, command channel rights, immunity to the chain of command and your own office. The fax machine is fickle and dependent entirely on the admin(s) you have in the round, and in my experience is very rarely useful - Perhaps because they do not wish to influence the round too much. However, since the fax machine is our only actual real ability to influence matters aboard the SEV Torch, we have to get creative and create our own power to some extent - In order to see our duty completed.
  • Player perception Often players will simply ignore you, sometimes even mock you IC and OOC for not providing a useful role in the ship. This is largely unavoidable, and common amongst non-command staff in my experience. Just go to their superiors and deal with them instead of wasting time with those characters.

The Fax Machine, and using SolGov's Power

Don't ignore the fax machine - It can be very powerful, although rarely will you receive a useful response. It is still your job to report to SolGov on goings on in the ship, even if you don't get responses.

You should remember that just because you don't get a response doesn't mean you cannot do anything about the issue. You are SolGov's voice aboard the Torch, and in the absence of orders from your superiors, you should use your own judgment on what SolGov's orders would be. Just make sure this is credible.

It can be frustrating to be ignored by admins - But they're usually busy handling other matters. Just use your own initiative and so long as you made an attempt to contact SolGov - and reported what you are doing about it, you should be able to defend your actions.

Antagonist SCGR

This can be a great deal of fun. Usually, I try to play a fairly pacifist SCGR trying to bend the ship to my particular goals. No one will be particularly suspicious if you are in an area you're not meant to be, especially if you get permission from the CO to audit some departments.

Remember that your goal as an Antagonist is not to win, but to add to the round for all the players. Don't try and pass some ridiculous directive that gives you some unusual powers, or results in security brigging half the crew - Don't abuse your position too much and set reasonable ambitions for your antag-rep. Remember to make sure you read the 'How to Antag Good' guide by polkjm.

Some examples of situations I've caused as an antagonist SCGR include:

  • Forging an order from the Secretary-General to rename the ship after my cultist deity. Using First Contact as a means to protect the spread of my deity's influence across the ship.
  • Your office is a perfect spot to lure people. Black out the windows, cut the camera and make someone read a long, wordy form to distract their attention while you hit them with a paralysis-pen.
  • Stretch your authority to new and exciting limits. Force SCGR to give you the power to unseat the CO by fabricating reports or sending reports from other people aboard the ship like the XO that back up your own claims. Steal as many stamps from department heads as you can.
  • Unless people are meta-gaming hard, your word should carry some weight amongst the Command staff so long as you're not being too insane. Suggest things that align with your goals.