SolGov Representative

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SolGov Representative
Represent SolGov's interests on board the Torch. Keep the mission focused on the opportunities for diplomacy and discovery. Advise the CO on the SolGov Charter and the mission. Report back to SolGov with progress. Investigate breaches of the Solgov Charter.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Bridge
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The SolGov Representative is a unique role on board the SEV Torch. Officially, they represent the interests of the Sol Central Government on board the vessel, and are responsible for ensuring that all crew are following the rules, regulations, and laws set forth by same. They investigate any possible breaches of conduct, particularly among the Command staff, and advise the Commanding Officer with regards to keeping the Torch's mission focused on opportunities for diplomacy, exploration, and potential colonization efforts.

The SolGov Representative technically answers directly to the Sol Central Government, as explained below. An intelligent Representative, however, will take the orders of the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer into account.

The Role

The role of SolGov Representative is largely defined by the player. With no mechanical requirements, the job consists almost entirely of coming up with whatever government directives, within reason, the player thinks would be interesting to role-play, and bringing these to the attention of Exploration and Command. It allows for a more player-driven set of goals while still technically being part of the Command structure.

Beyond this, the SolGov Representative is responsible for enforcing SCG regulations on board the ship, particularly when such breaches are committed by Command staff (as, assuming that said Command staff are competent, any breaches by lower-ranking personnel are generally handled by the relevant department head). In the event of breaches of regulation, the Representative can contact the SCG (in reality, any active administrators) via fax machine from their office with a report containing all relevant information. Ideally, the response will be prompt, succinct, and provide clear instructions for moving forward, such as demoting all personnel in violation of said regulations. Investigations into breaches of regulations should be well-documented, with recorded witness statements, signed witness documents, and photos of any property damage. The Representative is responsible for remaining unbiased in the course of making these reports (though, of course, government headquarters cannot read minds in this regard, and a corrupt Representative has many opportunities to alter accounts in their favor).

The SolGov Representative is also occasionally called upon to act as legal counsel to any prisoners apprehended by Security, or, in the case of a first contact scenario, to act as the official voice of the Sol Central Government in diplomatic overtures towards any new species.

In the case of the Commanding Officer committing a breach of SCG law, and if no line officers are available to present the charges, the responsibility falls to the Representative.

Relationship With Command

The SolGov Representative has no official authority on board the Torch beyond that which is handed down via orders from SCG command, either directly via fax machine or via an Expeditionary Command update posted to the Bridge and all Command & Communications consoles. They have access to the Bridge, and the responsibility to advise the Commanding Officer with the intent of keeping the Torch's mission focused on opportunities for exploration, diplomacy, and so forth, but they may not issue any orders or force any personnel to obey them directly.

However, this existence outside of traditional command structures is not without its benefits. While the Representative cannot issue orders, they technically also cannot be ordered, save by the Commanding Officer themselves. However, the SolGov Representative may be legally directly removed from their position if charged and convicted of appropriately serious crimes under SolGov law, whereas the NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison may sometimes have their position protected by their employer even under these circumstances.