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The Unathi

The Unathi (ᴇᴡ-nahth-ee) are a race of tall, reptilian humanoids that possess both crocodile-like and serpent-like features. Their scales are hard and plate-like, save for the softer ones that line the inside of their legs, armpits, and groin. Originating from the planet of https://baystation12.net/lore/Planets-and-Systems/Moghes, the Unathi live in an extremely sexist society, with women being considered property.

To apply to be one, follow this link: http://baystation12.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=46


  • Unathi have a unique language, Sinta'unathi, that they can naturally speak and understand. Use this in game by typing say ":o or over radio with say ";:o
  • Instead of punching, Unathi scratch people when unarmed, dealing a higher amount of brute damage than a human punch.
  • Unathi have good heat resistance, but very little cold resistance.
  • Due to their clawed feet, clawed hands, and tails, Unathi cannot wear any human shoes or gloves. They are able to wear 'softsuits' (such as non-hardsuit space suits, biosuits, and fire suits), but are unable to wear voidsuits and hardsuits not tailored for Unathi anatomy. An example of an Unathi hardsuit is the breacher suit.

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