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Shuttle Pilot
Take Charon to the fiery death planets. Stay behind on the shuttle and miss all the fun (and dying).
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Hangar
Related guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Guide to Ships
EC branch ranks: Chief Explorer(E-7)
Fleet branch ranks: Chief Petty Officer(E-7), Petty Officer First Class(E-6)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Shuttle Pilot is the dedicated pilot for any away missions.

The Shuttle Pilot answers to the Pathfinder.

The Role

The Shuttle Pilot's work consists largely of waiting for the Pathfinder to call for an away mission. Once all the appropriate personnel are gathered and all supplies are readied, the Pilot steps into the cockpit and uses the consoles there to fly the shuttle to the map, and then down to the surface of whatever mission site has been selected for the day. Once this is complete, they then wait on the away site, doing whatever they can to keep themselves entertained, until it is time to fly back. In between these missions, they are free to wander about the ship and relax.

You will generally use the shuttle console to fly to the Open Space landmark, which will take a bit of time. Then see the Guide to Ships for information on the various other consoles aboard a shuttle and how to use them to fly it around the map. You can use the helms console to see your current status and apply acceleration to the shuttle; if the screen seems black, you may need to turn on the sensors from the sensors console. Once near the away site of choice, you can once again use the shuttle console to land.

Shuttles use two different types of fuel for taking off/landing via the shuttle console and for traversing the overmap. For the former, insert a hydrogen tank into the fuel hatch; it should then update the fuel total on the shuttle console. For the latter, gas must be fed to the thrusters through pipes, likely from a canister. Any gas can be used, though carbon dioxide is a typical choice due to its higher density. While heating the gas for higher thrust may be standard aboard the Torch, shuttles are not set up to heat it easily. Make sure you are well-supplied prior to departure.

The red pump is the main fuel pump. If this is not on, the main engines won't work. The blue pump is for refilling the fuel storage tank from the canister next to it.

Flying around the map is particularly dangerous for the unshielded and vulnerable shuttle, so make sure to travel cautiously and avoid any obstacles. Higher piloting skill may help you fly faster and more efficiently, as well as potentially weather some map hazards.