Shuttle Pilot

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Shuttle Pilot
Take Charon to the fiery death planets. Stay behind on the shuttle and miss all the fun (and dying).
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Hangar
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The Shuttle Pilot is the dedicated pilot for any away missions.

The Shuttle Pilot answers to the Pathfinder.

The Role

The Shuttle Pilot's work consists largely of waiting for the Pathfinder to call for an away mission. Once all the appropriate personnel are gathered and all supplies are readied, the Pilot steps into the cockpit and uses the console there to fly the shuttle down to the surface of whatever mission site has been selected for the day. Once this is complete, they then wait on the away site, doing whatever they can to keep themselves entertained, until it is time to fly back. In between these missions, they are free to wander about the ship and relax.