Shield Generator

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Shield Generator
Shield generator.png
Usages Creates a shield
Description Creates a shield
System data
Name Shield Generator
Icon State Shield generator
Last System Data Access 11/12/2017

Shield Generators are used to create a protective energy bubble around the ship. One is located on each deck of the ship, in small rooms in Maintenance. They have a variety of shielding modes used to protect against specific threats. While these devices are very useful, they also consume huge amounts of power, potentially hundreds of kilowatts.

Status Indicators

  • Online/Offline: This indicator simply tells you whether the shield generator is turned on.
  • Shield Capacity: When the generator is turned on, it will begin to slowly charge the shields until they reach maximum capacity. When something damages the shields, like a laser beam or asteroid impacting them, they will lose charge. When they reach zero charges, the shields disappear and take several seconds to recharge and turn back on. Maximum shield capacity is dependent on the SMES coil used to build it, with the Superconductive Capacitance Coil having the greatest bonus.
  • Mitigation: This describes the shields' resistance to various types of damage.
  • Upkeep Energy Use: The amount of power needed just to maintain the shields, assuming they do not take damage, and the mode is not changed.
  • Total Energy Use: The upkeep energy use, plus the amount of energy being used to charge or recharge the shields.
  • Field Size: The size of the energy field. Most of the time, you'll want to max this out, as you want a shield around the whole ship, not just a tiny bubble around the generator itself.


  • Turn on/off: Self-explanatory. This button turns on the shields and allows them to start charging. Or it turns them off, cutting off the power and allowing the shields to slowly dissipate.
  • Set Field Range: See the Field Size explanation above.
  • Set Input Cap: The amount of power the shields can consume at once. Larger values will allow for faster charging, but can very quickly drain the power supplies. Think of it like a sink faucet being used to fill up a bucket.
  • EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN: Makes the shield generator shut down instantly. If the shields have any non-negligible charge on them, then this will cause an EMP and probably hurt you. It's the "blow up" button. Don't push the "blow up" button. That's why it's bright red.

Shielding Modes (Field Calibration)

Most of these are decently self-explanatory, just read their descriptions. Each shielding mode has a "multiplier" that tells you how much it will increase the system's power usage. If you have many modes enabled at the same time, the power usage will be very high, so be careful.

Hacked Shielding Modes

Hacking the Generator by disabling its safety protocols will unlock a couple of extra shielding modes. These modes have very high power consumption and some interesting behavior.

  • Diffuser Bypass: "This mode disables the built-in safeties which allow the generator to counter the effect of various shield diffusers. This tends to create a very large strain on the generator." The ship's airlocks and venting ports have devices called shield diffusers which create a small hole in the shield, allowing stuff to pass through. This mode will ignore the diffusers, creating a completely uninterrupted shield bubble.
  • Field Overcharge: "This mode polarises the field, causing damage on contact." Self-explanatory. When someone touches the field, they get burned. This mode is identified by a distinct orange color on the shield bubble.

Standard Setup

Shield settings are determined by the individual players, and many Engineers have their own preferences for it. This is completely subjective. However, many will use some variation of the following setup:

  • Use only one shield generator, usually the one on Deck Two. Ignore the others
  • (Optional) Dismantle the Generator and rebuild it on a main-grid power line (identified by the red wire color). This prevents putting unnecessary stress on the Deck Two power subgrid. The Generator normally gets moved to the SMES room, left of the main SMES.
  • Max out the field size.
  • Enable Multi-Dimensional Field Warp and Hull Shielding.
  • (Optional) Enable another mode, like Hyperkinetic Projectiles (protects against meteors), Electromagnetic Shielding (protects against electric storms), Unknown Lifeforms (protects against carp), Atmospheric Containment (helps prevent hull breaches from depressurizing the ship), or something else. Again, it's up to you and the situation the ship is in.