Senior Enlisted Advisor

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Senior Enlisted Advisor
Maintain good order and discipline amongst the crew, especially uniform and courtesy standards. Act as a link between the officers and enlisted. Advise and report to the CO and XO regarding disciplinary standards.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Bridge
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The Senior Enlisted Advisor, or SEA, is primarily concerned with ensuring that the military members of ship personnel comply with uniform and courtesy standards. They may also be called upon to act as a general assistant to the Executive Officer or Commanding Officer when it comes to managing relations between the enlisted and commissioned personnel aboard the Torch.

The Role

The role of the SEA is essentially to act as a coach for military role-play on board the ship. The job is largely concerned with teaching other players when to salute, when not to salute, when to wear a hat, when not to wear a hat, and so on and so forth. It is also responsible for issuing NJPs to particularly troublesome members of the crew, and for advising the Command department with regards to the behavior of commissioned personnel.

Do note, however, that this is not a license for the SEA to be an unmitigated dick to other players. The purpose of the job is to facilitate role-play, not to ruin another player's round because their character is consciously a bit lax with regards to uniform standards. Keep in mind that the Expeditionary Corps commonly ignores such regulations, and players who choose to join the EC are likely not looking to have their character's slightly lackadaisical behavior turned into a three-hour shouting match. Unless the behavior in question is particularly egregious, SEA players should attempt to focus their attention on Fleet characters - and, even then, keep in mind that there is a point at which drill-sergeant behavior goes from "an entertaining way to explain military regulations and behaviors on board the ship" to "pretty much just griefing".