Security Jobs

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Chief of Security
CoS-EC.pngCoS-Fleet.pngCoS-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Hard
Lead the security team to victory or death. More likely death. Advise the CO in matters of ship security and safety. Ensure the crew follows Shipboard Regulations and SCG Law.
Master at Arms
MAA-EC.pngMAA-Fleet.pngMAA-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Patrol the spaceship and apprehend criminals.
Brig Officer
BO-EC.pngBO-Fleet.pngBO-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Maintain the brig and hand out weapons to officers during emergencies.
Forensic Technician
FO-EC.pngFO-Fleet.pngFO-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Medium
Investigate crime scenes. Interview suspects. Solve cases.