Security HUD

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Security HUD
Usages N/A
Description A heads-up display that scans the humans in view and provides accurate data about their ID status and security records.
Force 0
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/clothing/glasses/hud/security
Name Security HUD
Icon Path icons/obj/clothing/glasses.dmi
Icon State securityhud
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text None
Antagonist Text None

Comparable to HUDGoggles or HUDSunglasses in function, this HUD lets you see people's security status and job. When wearing one, an icon will appear to the top-right of any character in view. This icon tells you their job, and a seperate symbol will in some cases be shown to indicate their security status.

Additionally, while wearing these goggles you can edit the security records and arrest status of people you see. To do this, shift-click on someone to examine them, then the option should appear at the bottom of their examine text.