Security Guard

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Security Guard
Protect corporate assets. ǀ Protect the scientists from their own creations. ǀ Protect the scientists' creations from the crew. ǀ Protect the Scientists from the Scientists. ǀ Wonder if those boys could have made a bigger mess.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Research Division
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The Security Guard is NanoTrasen's dedicated asset protection force on board the Torch. Their primary job is to keep the Research department safe from any and all threats, up to and including the incompetent Scientists themselves, and thus preserve the company's precious investments.

The Security Guard answers to the Research Director. If there is no Research Director, they should follow the orders of the ranking crew member. They also need act in best interest of the NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison and the Senior Researcher.

Your primary place of work.

The Role

Unlike the Master at Arms, the Security Guard is not concerned with law enforcement. At best, they might have a mind for ensuring that corporate regulations are followed, but they are not there to act as police or crew management. They are there exclusively to serve as asset protection for Nanotrasen. They are handpicked for their skills and experience and thus are expected to remain professional at all times.

Usually, this is a fairly simple job. The Security Guard office, located at the entrance to the Research division, is roomy and well-stocked, with a hardsuit within easy reach for emergencies. And these emergencies are rare, all things considered, though the occasional wrench in the works does come up. For the most part, the Security Guard's job is to sit at the entrance to Research, look suitably intimidating, and keep non-employees from entering without the Research Director's explicit permission.

When things do go wrong, however, the Security Guard has one concern and one concern only: Protect NanoTrasen equipment, personnel, or other assets. his can extend to the labs, and the Petrov, as well as items or belongings as designated by the Research Director. Officers are expected to comply with the law at all time, but have direct reign of handling anything that is actively threatening the Company and it's Personnel.

The exact degree of force required here is left open to the individual Security Guard's interpretation, though any permanent damage done to non-NanoTrasen personnel and property had best have an ironclad excuse at the ready for the inevitable interrogation that will follow.

So long as this only involves Nanotrasen property and personnel, this is fairly straightforward. When the rest of the crew gets involved, though, the Security Guard must keep in mind that they are still subject to Sol Central Government Law, and getting into firefights with members of the Expeditionary Corps, even if they have invaded the laboratory, is bound to lead to uncomfortable questions. This isn't to say that it doesn't happen, but that any Security Guard doing such should be prepared for the inquisition.