SEV Torch Deck 3

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Freezer34567Telecommunications9AI UploadEVATeleporter13LaddersHeadAuxiliary Tool StorageHydroponicsMess HallKitchenBarBunk RoomLoungeCryogenic StorageHolodeck25Firing RangeSecurity ArmoryHolding CellsBrig Officer's OfficeEquipment StorageEvidence StorageProcessingForensics OfficeD3b.png
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The third deck, also known as the habitation deck primarily hosts habitation related rooms, such as crew quarters, security and the mess hall.

 • Forensics Office  • Processing  • Evidence Storage  • Equipment Storage
 • Brig Officer's Office  • Holding Cells  • Security Armory  • Firing Range
Central Hallway
 • Ladders  • Auxiliary Tool Storage  • Holodeck  • Mess Hall
 • Bar  • Kitchen  • Freezer  • Hydroponics
 • Cryogenic Storage  • Bunk Room  • Lounge  • Head