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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 2
Connected Areas Engineering Department
Clearance Engineering
Purpose Contains the Engine, Atmospherics systems and equipment for engineers.

Engineering takes up most of Deck 2, it consists of the engine room, atmospherics, the engineering foyer, storage areas, drone storage, the Bluespace Drive and the R-UST. Its primary function is to generate power for the ship and maintain the atmospherics systems. It contains a large portion of the equipment engineers will use.

Engineering Department

Location Description Access
Supermatter Engine
The Supermatter is the Torch's primary method of power generation. It needs to be managed fairly carefully if you don't want it to explode and take a chunk out of the back of the ship while irradiating the crew. Engineering
The majority of the ship's atmospheric systems travel through here. Various gases are stored and filtered from or mixed into the air supply from here. Engineering
One of the Torch's secondary methods of power generation. Has no real downside so it's always worth setting them up at the start of a round. Engineering
Engineering Foyer
Connects Atmospherics and the Engine room to the rest of the ship. Also stores most of engineering's essential gear. Engineering
Hard Storage
Stores several voidsuits, gas canisters, miscellaneous EVA equpment, a RIG module and more. Most of Hard Storage is technically on the deck below but there is an entrance in the Engineering Foyer.