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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 1
Clearance Medical
Purpose This area is where all medical services take place.

The Infirmary is where most of the crew goes in the event of a medical problem.

Operating Theater

This is where all you surgeons will go to perform surgery on your various patients. It contains all of the most important equipment you will need in order to do your job and save lives, so learn it well. It's located in the top-center (or "starboard") of the Infirmary, just outside of the Treatment Ward.

This is your location of choice when surgery is required since it has several amenities that the secondary Robotics theater does not. Most notably, it has the automatic anesthesia pump on the wall just over the operating table - the red block with "N2O" written on it. This makes putting patients under a breeze. No more fiddling around with putting tanks on your patients and setting their internals by hand. Just make sure your patient is on the table and not wearing a mask, then click and drag the anesthesia pump onto them to automatically attach a mask and turn on the N2O. They'll be under in no time.

There's also an IV drip, a basic NanoMed vendor, a freezer, and a surgical health analyzer console, all within easy reach of the table. For more information on what all of these do, be sure to check the Guide to Medicine and Surgery pages.

The only advantage that the Robotics Operating Theater has over this one is that it has easy access to the bioprinter and prosthesis fabricator, which makes it ideal for quick organ transplants. It lacks everything else but the most basic equipment, though. Try to use this one unless there's good reason, such as a critical patient who needs immediate treatment while this theater is occupied.

Robotics Operating Theater


This is the second option for all you surgeons who have a need to perform surgery, but for some reason don't have access to the primary OR.

It has all the basic supplies needed to perform surgery safely: an operating table, a surgical health analyzer, an anesthesia closet, and its own set of surgical tools. It doesn't have an automatic anesthesia pump or dedicated IV, however, which makes it a bit more cumbersome, and it's farther from the Treatment Center, which makes it harder to get immediate help or supplies if they're needed. It also doesn't have signs to let people know that surgery is in progress or any way to keep people walking past from gawking at you through the windows.

It does have the bioprinter and prosthesis fabricator, which are both important for replacing lost limbs or irrecoverable organs, so if you need to transplant those, you might want to use this place over the main theater. Otherwise, though, it's generally best to use the main one.

Do note that this area is between the Infirmary and Robotics, so your friendly neighborhood Roboticist may commandeer it occasionally to cyborgify somebody.