SEV Torch/Deck 5/Hangars

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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 5
Clearance Cargo, Science
Purpose The area to prepare for expeditions, manage the ship's trash and logistics.


The Charon is a shuttle craft that is a joint use craft between the Exploration, supply and Research departments. In game this shuttle will often be used by the miners, scientists and/or the explorers. The Charon is to be piloted by the Shuttle Pilot, however if needed be a Bridge Officer or Pathfinder can fly it; no one else should fly it without proper knowledge. The Charon consists of a cockpit, passenger area, crew area bathroom, a single dorm and medical area, and a large storage area with multiple rooms in the back.

Supply Drone Docking Area

This outlined area of the hangar remains empty for much of the time. However when a crewman in the supply department calls in the supply drone for an order stay clear and outside the marked lines or risked being crushed by the supply drone that will land.


The General Utility Pod, also called the Guppy, is a very small short range pod that can be operated by anyone and can only fit 4 people at most. This short range craft is usually used for mining but can also be used any time the Charon can't be used or if one wants to quickly get something done.


This area is used mainly by the Miner to refine all his raw minerals and resources they finds.