SEV Torch/Deck 1/Research Division

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Research Division
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 1
Connected Areas Deck 1 Central Hallway, Emergency Armory, Infirmary
Clearance Research Division
Purpose Contain the laboratories required by NanoTrasen.
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Research is a section of deck one dedicated to the ship's Research division. It contains the laboratories and other areas which Research staff utilize.


Location Description Access

Research Entrance

The access area is a double-doored airlock that allows anyone who enters or leaves to be seen by the Security Guard on duty. Coincidentally also the ladderwell which allows travel from deck 1 through 5

Research Security Checkpoint

The Security Checkpoint is where the Security Guard will usually be, to give them a good view over who enters and leaves the research wing. It contains a locker and some basic tools.

Fabricator Lab

A lab equipped with a Protolathe, Circuit Imprinter and Destructive Analyzer, along with various components and tools.

See the Research & Development Guide for additional info.

Research Suites

The break room contains a seating area with light refreshments (in the form of vending machines), alongside two public workstations with full-size computer consoles and office supplies.

Locker Room

A locker room with a biohazard and a bomb closet, equipment for Xenobotany and for researchers.

Miscellaneous Research

Contains a range of equipment for various experiments. Notably an Integrated Circuit Printer (and required tools) along with a space for gas mixing.

Xenoflora Laboratory

A laboratory equipped for growing and genetically modifying both terrestrial and extraterrestrial plant life.

Xenobiology Laboratory

Contains everything you could want to grow a colony of Slimes.