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The SEV Torch is a Mako-class exploration ship, originally named the SFV Arrow. It is the result of a project by the Sol Central Government and multiple investors, primarily NanoTrasen and some Skrell corporations for deep-space exploration.


Torch mission is a joint venture by Expeditionary Corps and Nanotrasen, a space exploration mission with main goal of establishing contact with previously undiscovered alien species. Side objectives include recovering items of scientific significance and surveying the exoplanets for resources and colonization potential.


Torch mission patch

Designed and built at the Hermes Naval Shipyard and Orbital Drydock in the Sol solar system, the Mako-Class prototype corvette SFV Arrow was commissioned in 2543. The ship's weaponry consisted of a blue-space artillery cannon, four mass-driver launchers and two missile pods. It was refitted in 2546 to re-utilize two of the mass-driver launchers to personnel carriers. For propulsion it featured four main-engine thrusters and three external quick-propulsion systems. Due to underwhelming performance compared to even older models, the SFV Arrow was decommissioned and set in dry-dock after only ten years of service. It's primary function during service was a quick-scout ship that could patrol outer systems.

The discovery of the Phoron Star, Erebus, in the frontier system of Nyx, caused a renewed interest in Phoron research and deep space exploration. In 2556, following debate by NanoTrasen’s representative in the Colonial Assembly, the Sol Central Government approved the creation of a deep space exploration mission. This was the start of the torch project. The decommissioned SFV Arrow would serve as the foundation for a exploration ship to send out into the darkness. Due to the insistence of NanoTrasen, one of the largest funding members of the project, NT research and mining specialists would be taken aboard as passengers along with their own support staff.

The Arrow was selected from the fleet of inactive vessels, removed from storage, and moved to the Shiva Fleet Yards in orbit around Mars. Along with losing its name and designation, the Arrow was stripped almost to the bulkheads, and rebuilt from the plating up with some of the most advanced technology available. NanoTrasen, the primary sponsor for the expedition installed a new supermatter engine to replace the old fusion reactor, an integrated Artificial Intelligence, along with building and equipping a research section aboard the vessel. The Skrell corporation Krri'gli, in exchange for priority access to the expedition’s findings, provided the project with a prototype bluespace drive. The Arrow’s missile pods were removed, and replaced with jury-rigged isolation chambers, namely for Xenobiology and Virology, The bluespace artillery cannon was completely removed from the ship. The hangar deck was expanded, and equipped with facilities for mining and away missions, as well as long ranged resupply. Finally completed in 2559, on schedule and slightly under cost, the new vessel was brought online, and christened the Sol Expeditionary Vessel Torch.


3D representation of the SEV Torch.

The SEV Torch is composed of five decks,numbered from top to bottom.

Deck B - Bridge Deck

Deck B - Bridge

The Bridge Deck, also known as B-Deck is used for Command operations and offices. Notable things located here:

  • Bridge
  • Heads of Staff Offices
  • Captain's Office
  • AI Core
  • SEV Aquila

Deck 1 - Operations Deck

Deck 1 - Operations

The Operations Deck holds most research and medical areas.

  • Research
  • Infirmary
  • Emergency Armory

Deck 2 - Engineering Deck

Deck 2 - Engineering

The Engineering Deck, also known as Maintenance Deck, is a maze of maintenance corridors, and a home to ship's power and life support systems.

  • Engineering
  • RUST Engine
  • Janitor's Closet

Deck 3 - Crew Deck

Deck 3 - Habitation

The Habitation Deck holds the habitaton-related facilities, along with Security.

Deck 4 - Hangar Deck

Deck 4 - Hangar

The Hangar Deck hosts the ship's docking ports and the hangar where Charon and GUP are parked. NSV Petrov is docked to the aft.