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These are our rules. Their purpose is to maintain player immersion and enjoyment in our Heavy Roleplay environment. If you have additional questions about the rules, or just want to make sure that you or someone else isn't breaking them, then feel free to contact a staff member via adminhelp (F1 key) or another official channel.

Before playing, you are expected to familiarize yourself with SCG Law, as well as Standard Operating Procedure, and, if you'll be playing a military character, the SCUJ. Alternatively, the Corporate Regulations for contractor characters.

Server Rules

These rules serve to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for our players, in accordance with our basic principles as a roleplay-oriented server. If you notice someone breaking these rules, please report it to the staff via adminhelp or by lodging a forum complaint.

↪ 0. The spirit of the rules is more important than the rules themselves.

↪ 0.1. Using the specific wording of the rules to get around them or to punish someone else is still against the rules.

↪ 0.2. Our intention with these rules is to make sure everyone is having fun, and that immersion is kept intact. All rulings should reflect this.

↪ 1. Don't be a dick.

↪ 1.1. You're here to have fun, but doing so at the expense of other players isn't acceptable.

↪ 1.2. Don't be overly offensive, spam OOC or IC channels, grief, or complain excessively about other players.

↪ 1.3. Real life slurs are unacceptable in IC and OOC. This includes invented slurs based on real slurs.

↪ 1.4. Playing a character who is disrespectful towards other characters is acceptable within reason, as long as they abide by the other rules.

↪ 2. Listen to staff.

↪ 2.1. The word of the staff is law.

↪ 2.2. If you disagree with a ruling, bring it up after the round with the staff member, the staff manager, or via official complaint.

↪ 2.3. If a staff member is blatantly abusing this rule, then we urge you to contact a senior immediately, or if necessary, file an official complaint.

↪ 3. Keep IC and OOC separate, and use channels as intended.

↪ 3.1. When in-game, only use knowledge your character would reasonably know.

↪ 3.2. Don't talk about in-round events via any of the OOC channels until after the round has ended.

↪ 3.3. OOC channels include LOOC, AOOC, and third-party programs, as well as the BYOND pager, or any other means of communicating information out-of-character.

↪ 3.4. Don't use LOOC for full conversations, to harass other players or complain about IC events.

↪ 4. Adult content is forbidden.

↪ 4.1. Posting any adult content on any official channel via text, image, or link is strictly forbidden.

↪ 4.2. Adult content also includes erotic roleplaying (ERP), as well as going AFK to ERP via any OOC channels.

↪ 5. Use English.

↪ 5.1. We are an English server, all communication should be in English.

↪ 5.2. Having a character occasionally use words from non-English languages is acceptable.

↪ 6. Don't kill needlessly.

↪ 6.1. Avoid using lethal force when it's not necessary and try to resolve situations with as little violence as possible.

↪ 6.2. Never commit suicide without direct admin or moderator permission.

↪ 6.3. Antagonists are given some exemption to this rule.

↪ 7. Don't Powergame.

↪ 7.1. Don't play to win, play as your character.

↪ 7.2. Do not exploit bugs or mechanics in order to gain an advantage.

↪ 7.3. Do not play a character with an unreasonably vast set of skills.

↪ 7.4. Do not prepare in advance for a situation that you could not know about in-character.

↪ 8. Don't mess with AFK players.

↪ 8.1. If a player is AFK or disconnected, then don't mess with them without direct permission from an admin or moderator.

↪ 8.2. If a disconnected player has important equipment on their character, you are allowed to remove it with staff permission.

↪ 8.3. You are allowed to move a disconnected player to cryo without staff permission.

↪ 8.4. If a player is disconnected, their character will be asleep and unresponsive; in-character, this is called SSD or sudden sleep disorder.

↪ 9. Don't start end-round conflict.

↪ 9.1. Within a few minutes of round-end, (generally once the bluespace engine has begun its 3-minute charging period) attempt to finish all ongoing conflicts and do not begin any new conflicts.

↪ 9.2. This does not apply if the escape pods are being launched.

↪ 10. Don't vote-sway.

↪ 10.1. Do not use OOC or IC channels in an attempt to influence in-game votes.

↪ 10.2. This includes gamemode votes, as well as round-end and add-antag votes.

↪ 11. Don't multi-key or ban-evade.

↪ 11.1. Do not log onto the server with multiple BYOND accounts.

↪ 11.2. Do not use an alternate account to evade a previous ban.

↪ 12. Use an appropriate ckey.

↪ 12.1. Your ckey, or BYOND username, must be appropriate and non-offensive.

↪ 12.2. You will not be allowed to play on the server unless you use an account with an appropriate ckey.

↪ 13. Admin-shopping is forbidden.

↪ 13.1. When an admin makes a ruling on an issue, do not attempt to have the ruling overturned by another admin.

↪ 13.2. Admin rulings are final. If you feel that a ruling conflicts with the rules, contact a senior or file a complaint.

↪ 14. Don't advertise.

↪ 14.1. Advertising on official Baystation12 channels is strictly prohibited without permission from the administration team.

↪ 14.2. This includes, but is not limited to: advertising a discord server, SS13 server, product, service, website, or youtube/twitch channel.

↪ 15. Leave play correctly.

↪ 15.1. Sometimes you will need to leave the game due to life events or disinterest in the current round. To do this you should return to one of the cryogenics rooms, enter a pod, and ghost. If possible, before doing this, you should return your equipment to your department.

↪ 15.2. If you are not in a position to act according to 15.1, such as when cryogenics is unavailable or your reason to leave is an emergency, you should use adminhelp to tell the online staff that you need to leave, and then ghost.

↪ 15.3. It is never acceptable to commit suicide, jump into disposals, or hide in a locker before disconnecting.

Why?: Baystation12 is a server focused on realistic characters and believable attitudes. How you choose to stop playing in a round is important for others, not just for you. Random suicide and bodies stuffed in lockers detracts from everyone else's experience and prevents anyone else from joining into that role.
How?: The consequences for breaking 15.1 and 15.2 are dependent on role and frequency. For example, silently disconnecting in antagonist or single-slot jobs will first cause staff to make notes - making a habit of doing so will eventually result in role bans. Breaking 15.3 will result in a ban until appeal.
But!: If you've disconnected and attempted to reconnect soon after but found yourself banned, you may not need to make a forum appeal. You may contact the staff member who banned you via the #staffcoach discord channel to explain your situation and have the ban lifted at their discretion.

Character Rules

These rules serve to ensure that characters remain reasonably believable within the lore of the world we've set forth, and that they function well alongside other characters. If you notice someone breaking these rules, report it to the staff via adminhelp or by lodging a forum complaint. It is expected of you to read through and orient to our Roleplay Standards as they are enforced by our staff team to ensure a standard across our server.

↪ 1. Play as your character.

↪ 1.1. This is a High Roleplaying enforced server. You are expected to act as your character would in-game, and try to perform actions that would be in their own best interests.

↪ 1.2. This includes self-preservation and maintaining a degree of realism in your character's interactions.

↪ 2. Play a reasonable character.

↪ 2.1. Your character should be sane and mature within reason and should think and act as such.

↪ 2.2. Your character should fit within the current setting.

↪ 2.3. Your character should act with common sense and should react to situations realistically.

↪ 3. Try to avoid pain.

↪ 3.1. When you know that a process is painful, try to avoid it. You'll want to avoid surgery without anaesthetic, and torture will be a good way to force you to do something. Not considering pain at all in your decisions is a failure in assuming the role of your character, and can get you banned in the long run.

↪ 4. Type like your character would speak.

↪ 4.1. For example, use short sentences and ...'s to indicate a shy character. Try to examine different personalities and imitate them. Show the tone and mannerisms of your character through how they speak to others.

↪ 5. Try to adapt to the goals of your character.

↪ 5.1. For example, in a traitor round, do not make it your goal as a Captain to catch the Traitor (that's Security's job, if they even know there is a traitor), but instead try to keep the ship intact by keeping an eye on the bridge,checking up on your crew and so on. Engineers would be repairing and maintaining the ship, doctors will be keeping the crew healthy, scientists and explorers give the ship a purpose through research and exploration, and many other things.

↪ 5.2. Unless your character has a good, in-round reason, they should make every effort to actually care about their job, their employment, their career, and their position in the world, and should not act to their personal detriment without good reason.

↪ 6. Try and be creative.

↪ 6.1. It is strongly encouraged to create a full backstory for your character. There's even a section of the wiki dedicated to lore. There are no limits, as long as you avoid clashing with others, the rules, and the general lore/setting of the server.

↪ 6.2. You are cordially encouraged to use character records to improve your experience and the experience of other players by filling them out.

↪ 7. Take into account your character's comfort.

↪ 7.1. For example, constantly wearing internals, or a bio suit, or a space suit would likely be very tiring or extremely uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. Don't wear these items without good reason. From a gameplay perspective, you're giving yourself an advantage without cost, so admins will most likely try to stop it.

↪ 8. Don't play Mary Sues.

↪ 8.1. You should balance out your character with flaws and skills. Mary Sues are usually characters that have no or insignificant drawbacks to them and massive advantages. For example, war veterans are usually done very badly, as are Vat-grown prodigies. This also includes being massively experienced in areas your character has no reason to be a master in. Note that most people think they are 'very good roleplayers' but actually are not.

↪ 8.2. This includes characters who are "important" - that is, you may not have family links to major politicians or corporate CEOs, be financially invested in the Torch or its corporations enough for your opinion to matter to the operation of the ship, or any other character background that attempts to give you additional leverage or power.

↪ 8.3. This includes characters who were "demoted", "transferred", or any other form of attempt to justify excessive experience or knowledge in a junior role. Officers may never be demotees. Enlisted persons may only be demotees within reason, such as a PO3 to a Crewman for a very minor charge, and never from a very senior rank.

↪ 9. Roleplay with regard for others.

↪ 9.1. There are cases when you could perform perfect roleplay and still be banned. In order to avoid that, do not take on a role because you think it'd be fun for yourself. Take on a role because it'd be fun for EVERYONE.

↪ 10. Restrict yourself to the knowledge of your character.

↪ 10.1. This is an important one. When you're the Physician, even if you, as a player, know how to hack an airlock, you should not do it unless your character has somehow gathered that knowledge. In this regard, it is also important to mention that things are not as easy as they seem. The fact that you only have to push two buttons to clone someone doesn't mean that your character can learn to perform the task by someone saying "push two buttons to clone someone", nor is cryogenics a simple "on/off" switch, research just sticking things in a machine and pressing "analyze", or any other example of a very simple task that would be much more complex in-character.

↪ 10.2. Related to the previous point, when something needs to be done that is not in the field of your character, ask someone else to do it. An example would be that you shouldn't treat yourself or give yourself implants when you don't have medical expertise. The Skill System is a useful tool in this situation, where you can clarify your characters skill for both yourself and admins. However, anything above an average character will come under heavy scrutiny. For example when there is a vital task, such as running the engine, and no one of that field is currently playing, you can try to do the task, but you must make it seem like your character only understands it to their skill level. AI's are generally expected to know most of the ship's system and therefore can be consulted, and when the act is done entirely through computer systems it can access, can often do the job itself with minimal or minor human assistance where hands are needed.

↪ 11. Do not play a character that is overly comfortable with killing.

↪ 11.1. A lot of players like to kill, so if it'd be allowed, they'd all roleplay insane sociopathic mass-murderers. But a ship full of sociopathic murderers wouldn't be fun for anyone. This is why you have to roleplay normal characters more often than not, or at least not someone who would be entirely outside the possibility of work on the ship.

↪ 12. Use an acceptable name.

↪ 12.1. Your character should have a reasonable, species/culture-appropriate name.

↪ 12.2. Your character's name should not have any honorifics or nicknames.

↪ 12.3. Your character's name should not explicitly be a joke or a reference to popular culture.

↪ 13. Obey the chain of command.

↪ 13.1. Your character should respect and obey their superiors unless their orders are harmful to your character, in violation of the law, or would break the rules.

↪ 13.2. Characters who are excessively insubordinate would not remain employed for long.

↪ 13.3. Any AIs or law-bound synthetics are required to obey their laws, and any AI-bound synthetics are required to obey their master unit.

↪ 14. Perform your job.

↪ 14.1. If you join the round in a certain job slot or role, you are expected to perform that job as well as possible.

↪ 14.2. Your character must be qualified for that job, and cannot have any disabilities, mental or otherwise, that would prevent them from doing that job effectively.

↪ 14.3. Refrain from performing the duties of another job unless doing so is necessary for survival, or within reason if there are no other personnel available to do so.

↪ 14.4. This also applies to antagonist roles. The job of an antagonist is to make the round interesting and to antagonize the crew.

↪ 15. Don't self-antagonize.

↪ 15.1. You are expected to play a reasonable character that doesn't commit major crimes or cause significant problems for other characters without exceptionally good reason.

↪ 15.2. You should not try to cause excessive damage or steal the spotlight from the auto-assigned antagonists.

↪ 16. Use different characters for non-crew roles.

↪ 16.1. You should not play non-crew antagonists such as ninjas, wizards, raiders, or mercenaries as one of your normal characters.

↪ 16.2. This also applies to other non-crew roles such as stowaway or merchant.

↪ 17. Don't rejoin a round with a dead or ghosted character.

↪ 17.1. If you have died or ghosted outside of cryo, then you cannot rejoin the round with the same character.

↪ 17.2. If rejoining the round as the same character after cryoing out, you may only rejoin as the job slot you cryoed out of.

↪ 17.3. Exceptions can be made at an admin or moderator's discretion (Ex: Joining as the wrong job slot.)

↪ 18. Don't perform any crew duties when playing a character who is a passenger.

↪ 18.1. Passenger characters cannot perform job-related actions or be issued weapons under any circumstances.

↪ 18.2. Do not ask Passenger characters to perform job-related actions or issue them weapons under any circumstances.

↪ 18.3. Passenger characters' ranks are meaningless. They must obey any ranked crew unless it would break 9.1 to do so.

↪ 18.4. This also applies to characters who are not usually passengers, and are using the role to be off duty.

↪ 19. Carrying over round events.

↪ 19.1. It is acceptable to carry over relationships with other characters unless it includes antagonists or anything an antagonist has done. players may opt-out of having something in particular carried over in which case they should adminhelp.

↪ 20. Do not play disabled characters beyond the limits specified.

↪ 20.1. EC, Fleet, and all Contractors (except for those listed in 20.2):

↪ 20.1.1. Cannot have any missing limbs at all. Prosthetics do not count as missing.

↪ 20.1.2. Cannot have any mental disability that causes them to be non functional or dangerous.

↪ 20.1.3. Cannot be mute, deaf or blind.

↪ 20.2. Passengers, Civilian Command Support, Civilian & Government Science, and Civilian Service:

↪ 20.2.1. Cannot have more than 2 missing limbs.

↪ 20.2.2. Cannot have more than 1 missing arm.

↪ 20.2.3. Cannot have any mental disability that causes them to be non functional or dangerous.

↪ 20.2.4. Only Passengers may be mute or deaf or blind, and never more than 1 of these.

Antagonist Rules

These rules and exemptions serve to allow antagonists the freedom to heavily influence the round and to drive the story forward by interacting with the crew via conflict. The purpose of antagonists is to make the round interesting for the players.

↪ 1. Antagonists are not exempt from the rules.

↪ 1.1. Antagonists are still required to abide by the rules, despite having more leeway in some matters.

↪ 1.2. Keep the rules in mind when playing as an antagonist, as it's likely that staff will scrutinize your actions closely.

↪ 2. Antagonists are allowed to kill.

↪ 2.1. Antagonists may use lethal force or damage the vessel in order to further their goals.

↪ 2.2. This does not mean antagonists have a license to grief, or to go on a killing spree.

↪ 2.3. It is encouraged to roleplay and interact with victims when possible, but you're allowed to kill other characters silently when necessary.

↪ 3. Antagonists are allowed to have a wide array of skills.

↪ 3.1. Antagonists have significant leeway in what their characters can or can't do, and in what knowledge they're allowed to have.

↪ 3.2. They are permitted to act outside their regular job or skillset as is necessary to keep the round interesting.

↪ 4. Antagonists' actions are not canon.

↪ 4.1. After the round ends, any antagonists or actions taken by those antagonists cease to exist.

↪ 4.2. There may be some information regarding antagonist types specified in the lore, that is considered canon.

Staff Rules

These rules serve to maintain staff discipline and encourage staff to work with the players to ensure that the game remains enjoyable for everyone. If you see a staff member breaking or abusing these rules, report it to the staff manager or create an official complaint. Senior staff members and the head administrator are permitted to provide exemptions to the rules. However, they are to be held personally accountable for the results of those exemptions.

↪ 1. Respect the Server and Character Rules.

↪ 1.1. The staff team is not exempt from any of the rules under normal circumstances.

↪ 1.2. Staff are held to a far higher standard than players as representatives of the server and should follow all of the rules they enforce to the best of their ability.

↪ 2. Remain professional.

↪ 2.1. As a staff member, your actions and words often affect community perception of the entire staff team.

↪ 2.2. Bantering or having fun isn't strictly prohibited, but maintain a degree of professionalism and respect both towards players as well as staff.

↪ 2.3. Remember that your actions represent the server.

↪ 3. Do not abuse staff powers for IC advantages.

↪ 3.1. Abusing your powers to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable.

↪ 3.2. Never act on knowledge gained via staff powers.

↪ 3.3. Never use staff powers to directly give yourself an advantage.

↪ 3.4. Events, respawns, and fixing bugs are the exceptions to this rule.

↪ 4. Respect player and staff confidentiality.

↪ 4.1. Player notes, discussions about bans, player behavior, staff behavior, or any other topics of a sensitive nature should be confined to staff channels.

↪ 4.2. The exception is if you are given direct permission by a Head/Senior to discuss them outside of those channels.

↪ 5. Perform your job.

↪ 5.1. Perform the job assigned to you as a staff member.

↪ 5.2. Maintain a level of activity that allows you to perform your job as a staff member.

↪ 6. Respect staff policy.

↪ 6.1. There may be additional staff policies on the forums, which are not explicitly part of the rules, including things such as event guidelines.

↪ 6.2. These policies are to be followed by all relevant staff to the best of their abilities.

↪ 6.3. These policies are to be treated with the same regard as rules but do not override the rules.

↪ 7. Discord specific rules.

↪ 7.1. Staff are not allowed to render administrative assistance in any capacity via Direct Messages.

↪ 7.2. All administrative staff interactions with players must go via the proper channels.

↪ 7.2.1. The AHelpr bot and respective discord ticket management channels for any help requested by a player.

↪ 7.2.2. The #brig if the staff member needs to punish the player for any reason outside of the help requested via the Ahelpr bot.