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The main focus of our community in contrast to other servers is roleplay (abbreviated as RP). This means that we expect of you to be able to assume the role of a character and stay in that role. To put it simply, your character can (and should) be different from your real life personality, and when you make decisions, you should pretend that the world of the game is real, rather than just a game. Roleplay is mandatory, and poor or terrible roleplay can and will be punished.

It is HIGHLY recommended you read A Crash Course In Roleplaying to understand what is expected in terms of roleplay.

1. Restrict yourself to the knowledge of your character.

This is an important one. When you're a medical contractor, even if you, as a player, know how to hack an airlock, you should not do it unless your character has somehow gathered that knowledge. In this regard, it is also important to mention that things are not as easy as they seem. The fact that you only have to push two buttons to move the ship someone doesn't mean that your character can learn to perform the task by someone saying "push two buttons to move the ship", nor is using a sleeper pushing a single button, research just sticking things in a machine and pressing "analyze", or any other example of a very simple task that would be much more complex in-character.

2. Related to the previous point, when something needs to be done that is not in the field of your character, ask someone else to do it.

An example would be that you shouldn't treat yourself when you don't have medical expertise. The skill system in the character setup menus is a useful tool in this situation, where you can clarify your characters skill for both yourself and staff. However, anything above an average character will come under heavy scrutiny. For example when there is a vital task, such as running the engine, and no one of that field is currently playing, you can try to do the task, but you must make it seem like your character only understands it to their skill level. AI's are generally expected to know most of the station's system and therefore can be consulted, and when the act is done entirely through computer systems it can access, can often do the job itself with minimal or minor human assistance where hands are needed.

3. Try to avoid pain.

When you know that a process is painful, try to avoid it. You'll want to avoid surgery without anaesthetics, and torture will be a good way to force you to do something. Not considering pain at all in your decisions is a failure in assuming the role of your character, and can get you banned in the long run. Keep in mind your characters emotions. Generally speaking, most people have emotions and feelings about things. Whilst playing your character, you should be keeping in mind how your character feels about what's going on around them and try to express them. For example, some people might raise their voice when angry, flush red, or even tremble. Someone who's happy may smile, or be more laid back towards things. Someone who's scared may hesitate and stutter, or even outright flee.

4. Try not to talk like you do in real life.

For example, you can use short sentences and ...'s to indicate a shy character. Try to examine different personalities and imitating them. You can even play a female when you're a male and vice verca, it's a great way to explore your own personality!

5. Take into account your character's comfort.

For example, constantly wearing internals, or a bio suit, a void suit or a hard suit would likely be very tiring or extremely uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. Don't wear these items without good reason.

6. Take into account your character's fears.

Most people have fear, and characters on this server are no different. Whilst playing your character, your character should show fear in appropriate situations. For example, most people and even trained military veterans don't want to look down the barrel of a gun or be shot. Some characters may be afraid of blood, some may be afraid of needles, some may be afraid of spiders, some may even be afraid of the dark.

7. Don't play Mary Sues.

Unless you are an EXTREMELY good roleplayer, you should balance out your character with flaws and skills. Mary Sues are usually characters that have no or insignificant drawbacks too them, and massive advantages. This also ties in to having far too many skills than your character should have. Notes

Antagonist play is given significant leeway in this. Antagonists need a certain amount of freedom to act within reason (I.E with a motive, or a reason for doing what they're doing beyond "I'm an antag").

Leeway is given when a fight occurs. Actually roleplaying during a fight with our combat system is extremely difficult and often not possible.