Research Assistant

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Research Assistant
Help the CSO and the Research Team with whatever they need. Fetch coffee. Clean the labs. Be a test subject.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Research Division
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Alternative names: Custodian, Testing Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Intern, Clerk, Field Assistant
EC branch ranks: Senior Explorer(E-5), Explorer(E-3)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor, Government Scientist

The Research Assistant is a catch-all job for various types of laboratory helpers. It serves mainly to help the Scientists in any way they require, and, due to this, serves as an excellent entry point for newer players wanting to learn more about Research.

Research Assistants normally answer to the Senior Researcher and Chief Science Officer, with the CSO's orders taking precedence. If neither of these personnel are present, Research Assistants answer to the Corporate Liaison.

The Role

Research Assistants wander about the Research department in search of a mad scientist in need of an Igor. Once such an individual is found, they volunteer their services and provide whatever it is that the Scientist in question needs, whether this be coffee, someone to complete paperwork, fresh brains, or just a hapless schmuck to experiment on. They hold no real authority within the Research department and exist to make Scientists' jobs easier.

The various alternate job titles available to Research Assistants denote a variety of specialties. Custodians are there to keep the labs clean and well-organized. Laboratory Technicians are largely concerned with ensuring that the various laboratories are well-stocked, in working order, and possibly upgraded for added efficiency, according to their level of expertise. Interns, Testing Assistants, and Field Assistants take an active hand in experiments, with Testing Assistants having a focus on shipboard activities and Field Assistants looking to join in on away missions. Clerks are generally looking to fill out paperwork and ensure that all experiments, and their results, are properly documented and reported.