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Raiders are members of a gang of pirates and thieves that steal aboard the SEV Torch to, well, steal valuable items and commodities. SKREEE!

  • Resources (E.G Metal, Glass, Plasteel, etc.)
  • Engineering equipment
  • Persons of interest

Raiders get their own encrypted radio channel to speak on, which they can access just like a departmental radio by using :H

The Heist

What you have been tasked to steal will vary from round to round, but it will likely include some high tech items and maybe even crew members. Feel free to also come up with creative objectives and gimmicks. This will make the round more fun for everyone, in order to steal these things or complete your objective you get random items every round you may have...


Your ship comes loaded with some low tech weaponry that favors common pirate tactics of running and hiding. This may include..

  • Dart Gun - Comes loaded with tranquilizer darts loaded up with sleep toxins. Valuable tool in incapacitating and capturing crew. The dosage is only enough to knock out the unfortunate for a minute or so.
  • Guns of Different Varieties - Lots of random guns, ranging from assault rifles to revolvers. Useful for threats and shooting.
  • Assorted Voidsuits - Assorted voidsuits for suviving space. Usually have a different helmet than the body.
  • Ripley APLU - Spawns in your base. A mining exosuit with a drill and a hydraulic clamp. Can take a few shots, and the drill can break down walls.
  • Energy Cutlass - Found in the cockpit of your ship. A pirate version of the energy sword.