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Go on wacky space adventures. Mine for gold. Pick through the ruins of ancient civilizations.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Hangar
Related guides: Guide to Mining, Guide to Xenoarchaeology, Guide to Anomalies
Alternative names: Drill Technician, Salvage Technician, Shaft Miner
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Prospector is a dedicated salvage, mining, archaeology, and specimen retrieval workhorse. They join in away missions in an attempt to retrieve valuable minerals, samples, and artifacts for use by the rest of the department.

The Prospector answers to the Deck Chief.

The Role

The concept behind the Prospector is exceptionally simple: find an away site, find a ship, find a pilot, and fly off into space to ignore everyone for a while as you go mining for anything interesting. Usually, this just means valuable minerals like gold, uranium, phoron, diamond, and so on, but occasionally you can find more interesting things (which you should generally leave for any Xenoarchaeologists to excavate, if any came with you). Once you've loaded up on all the goods you can carry, come on back to the Torch and retire to the mess hall for a well-deserved drink.

As a role that spends a good deal of its time off-station, the Prospector will have limited communication with the rest of the ship for extended periods of time. Mining is lonely work, which can be quite relaxing in its way - but can also be quite dangerous, if something goes wrong, as help is quite a long ways off. As such, it is important for any aspiring space miner to familiarize themselves with the Guide to Mining before embarking on your quest for gold, in order to comply with all safety regulations and ensure a minimum of horrible, horrible death.

It isn't entirely lonely out there, though. Aside from the pilot and any adventurous Scientists or Research Assistants that have come along, away missions are frequently accompanied by the SCG Pathfinder and Explorers, along with any other personnel Command has decided need to tag along (generally a Security or Medical escort). Prospectors are encouraged not to wander too far off from the rest of the away mission personnel in order to maximize safety and minimize the loss of company assets.